Before October 6th, 1889

We finally came up with a partial answer to the problem of finding a decent movie or documentary to watch.

Before October 6th 1889  this was not an issue.

This past weekend, it was Sunday evening. both of us were feeling a  bit lost, we couldn’t find anything to watch,  I suggested that it is no different than someone who is addicted to sugar.  (Speaking as  someone who LOVES sweets).

Confession time – my taste buds prefer the sugar in a candy bar over that  of an apple, even though I “know” the apple is supposed to be better for me.

I’ll have the brownie, thank you very much.

In the same way I suspect,  my brain craves entertainment, escape, something to fill the void of a quiet evening.  I pontificated on my theory that both of of our brains might be in need of a little re-calibration.

What if, in the place of another brain dead movie, one of us read out loud to the other?

Find a good book and see what happens.

So that’s just what we did.

We have several (3)  book shelves on our second floor  overflowing with books neither one of us have ever read.

My wife came down with a couple of choices.

I ended up picking a book by James Herriot

I was hooked within the first two minutes.

Going to continue this experiment through the end of the year with periodic updates right here. 🙂

Now, as my blogging friend  LA likes to put it…discuss





Update 4 hours later…came across the following just now…thought it fit right in:

Image may contain: text that says 'GLASBERGEN It's called reading. It's how people install new software into their brains.'