You never know

When I got my monthly statement from XYZ lumberyard in February I questioned the balance due. It said I had a credit almost $2,000.00, when I thought, I owed them about $1900.00. I usually have a pretty good idea on who I owe what to, so when I look in the check book, I know now much is really mine. 🙂

I called and talked to book keeper, just to make sure.

She reassured me, that yes, I had overpaid, everything was correct.

Christmas in February. 🙂

“Would you mind sending me a check for $1000.00 of that, and keep the rest for credit?”

Couple of days later, I had the refund check.

We were framing walls in a basement, later that week and my phone rang. Didn’t recognize the number so I let it go to voice mail. Turned out it was the secretary at the lumberyard. She was calling me on her personal cell phone. Asked me to call her @ the store, she sounded a little stressed.

I called right back, and she started to apologize . Turned out I was correct. She had accidentally, double credited my account. I did not have a surplus.

She was sick.

I need to mention also, that she had only been working there maybe 4 months.

I said to her “It’s OK. Stuff happens. It was a good thing I hadn’t spent any of it yet.”

So, what is my balance then?” I asked…

You actually owe $54.19.”

When I sat down to pay bills a few days, later, when I wrote the check to XYZ lumberyard, I put a little 🙂 (Smiley face) on the memo area.

Next time I was in to that store, the secretary thanked me again for my response to the whole thing and appreciated the memo.

The next time after that, when I stopped into the lumberyard, the secretary asked me about my last name, “Was I any relation, to so and so?”


“Well, so is my dad. She is my dad’s first cousin.”

30 seconds later, we realized her dad and my dad were first cousins.

My grandpa was one of 12 children, and while I knew some of the extended relatives, there are dozens, (my generation) I have no idea about.

My grandpa (Opa‘s) family. He’s in the back row, far left.

My hunch is, the way I responded (or didn’t respond, in this case) to the new secretary @ XYZ lumberyard with the book keeping error, put me on her radar, which in turn opened up a door…

12 thoughts on “You never know

  1. So, you responded to a bookkeeping problem as a decent, honest person. When it was possibly trouble for her, you assured her it was okay. (Good thing you hadn’t spent it.) And then, having opened the door to being human, it turned out you have a new second cousins! But here’s the secret in it, once you open the door by being human, you realize we’re all related.

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    • That is so true. We ARE all connected. And after I penned this post, I got to thinking, that amount of money I initially thought was a windfall, was not chump change. It happened during my slower winter months work wise. (cash flow) and boy, in the moment I remember feeling what a sense of relief…then to find out, it wasn’t real…but people’s feelings are so much more important than money. Appreciate you reading along and interacting on this one. DM

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  2. Nice! It can indeed be a small world.
    When we moved here we had all kinds of trouble with the gas board and changing suppliers.
    They lost my payment, then when I raised the necessary paperwork and provided proof of payment through my bank, they credited our account (which we didn’t want) twice, thus generating a credit balance. Despite me saying they’d made a mistake, they insisted on sending me a cheque. I never cashed it as I knew they would find their error and then bother us for reimbursement, and probably lose that as we no longer had an active account with them.

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  3. Our response to others can carry a negative or a positive. Glad yours was positive and now you know some more of your extended family and help a person not feel so bad about the mistakes life brings. Blessing.

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