Did not see that coming

Life is good.

We are busy.

On Friday I stopped by a home to drop off shingle samples.

We’re scheduled to build a new garage for her, but we still need to firm up a shingle color. She lost her garage last Fall in the Durecho, and just heard from her insurance company they will now also pay her to completely re-shingle and reside her house. I had mixed feelings about bidding on this additional work, because I’ve already picked up a few red flags. But, she’s a widow, seems to have quite a bit of stress on her plate, so I figured if I could alleviate some of that stress, that would be the right thing to do.

The roof on her house has a steep pitch and it sounded like the existing shingles would need to be taken off. (stripped) It’s just my son and I, we just finished two other roofing projects, with everything else going on , I knew I didn’t want to do her roof if that needed to happen.

Side note- when a house roof only has one layer of shingles , and there are no pre-existing leaks, you can install a 2nd layer over the first, and save yourself a lot of money at the same time. I mentioned that to her, and sensed she didn’t know whether or not to trust me on that. (There have been several other times as she and I have talked about certain details, that I have also picked up that same vibe )

She’s not 100% sure about me.

I get that. She doesn’t know me from the man on the moon. My son had done work for her son in the past, which is how we got the lead on this project in the first place.

When I was at the roofing store on Thursday, I got into a short conversation with another contractor also in line. Found out he was not overly busy, so I asked him if he would be willing to work with me on this roof project.


I would still be the contractor in charge, but hire him and his crew to help us bang out the steep roof.

Win/ win.

Or not…

When the homeowner and I talked about this, she got real testy with me. I told her the buck still stopped with me, but her project was simply too much for just my son and I. (That conversation happened Thursday afternoon.)

I woke up Friday morning thinking to myself. I changed my mind. I am not going to mess with that roof. In fact, I was not really interested in doing anything more than build her garage. I have had it with this undercurrent of suspicion.

So on Friday, when I dropped the shingle samples off and she started in on me with more questions, more suspicions, I looked at her and said, “I changed my mind. Decided I am not doing your house roof.”


I looked at her and thought, Do I tell her the truth or do I keep my mouth shut and just say we are too busy. I changed my mind

I decided to tell her the truth…

“I was just doing this to try and help you out. I don’t need the work. And when you started grilling me about that extra help, well, that ticked me off.

Then I got choked up.

Random bit of trivia about me and getting choked up.

It rarely happens.

But when it does, I don’t get all blubbery. I can be very articulate. It’s like an out of body experience. With my mind I can observe..oh, look, I’m starting to choke up. Isn’t that interesting. And at the same time, I keep talking and say what I have to say.

“I am not going to do your roof.”

“What about the siding?”

“Don’t think I want to do that either.”

We shall see

19 thoughts on “Did not see that coming

  1. Good man, Doug. You made the right decision. I don’t think you should be up on roofs with your eyesight issues anyway. Remember, you can’t take care of others well if you don’t take care of yourself first!

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    • Not to worry. My vision issues are mostly when it comes to reading. I’m fine on a roof. Just don’t want to work as hard 😉 If I can make just as much building a garage, why in the heck bust my chops tearing off shingles. It’s hard on my clothes, hard on my shoes, etc. etc. Good to hear from you. Take care. DM

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      • Staples came out last week and she has a new, more streamlined cast but still no weight for at least another 4 weeks. She can drive and has been out and about, also working remotely for the new site in Denver from home. There’s an ironic twist to this whole story so I think I’ll do a little blog post update today.

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  2. I so respect the call you made. Roof work – it’s risky all by itself …and just you and your son – you were cutting the time to complete it shorter. (It would have been a win/win for her). Maybe it’s corny for me to say this, but for the nature of your work, I think you have to have peoples faith in you.

    Good call ! And love the communication skill demonstrated with her at the end !

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    • That is the truth. Good to hear from you AV. And on a totally random note…I was out mowing in the orchard/ bee yard yesterday afternoon and noticed a lot of activity by one of my hives. it looked like they were getting ready to swarm…fingers crossed I got them to change my mind. I’ll find out today.

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    • When it comes to red flags and customers, I rarely take on those jobs. Has to be other extenuating circumstances (in her case a widow) and even then, I will require much more of a deposit up front.

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