Very, Very Thankful

I (Doug) was very, very fortunate today.

While driving home from work, the ball joint (or maybe tie rod) went out in my truck. It felt like someone suddenly shoved my vehicle to the right (drivers tire suddenly turned sideways. I was going all of 65 MPH at the time, with cars around me. As I was headed into the ditch, it looked like the truck was going to roll.

Two different vehicles stopped to check on me.

I was very touched by their kindness.

The one lady, asked me to come to her car and sit in the passenger seat while we called for a tow truck.

Kindness is alive and well here where we live.

My mind is still mostly numb…

if I would have been in the other lane, and there had been a vehicle on my right….

If it would have been the other tire/ (would have meant going into oncoming traffic)

If I had been on a corner, rather than a straightaway..

If the ditch had been a little steeper, I would have rolled…