That is a lot of fodder

Got this  notification from WordPress today:


Happy Anniversary with!
You registered on 13 years ago.
Thanks for flying with us. 
I is hard to believe it has been 13 years  since I  began blogging.
Before I knew what a blog was, I was sending out my thoughts via e-mails to a random group of people   Did that for at least a couple of years.  Out of those early e-mails I eventually published 2 books.
Well, this will be my 1097th published blog post and I’ve toyed with the idea of pulling together  my 30 best and doing it again. (publish a book)
Anyone want to help? 🙂
I’ve encountered several  amazing beautiful people these past 13 years.
There is one person in particular who has been with me from the very beginning.  Her name is Kristina.  She and her family have visited us numerous times.   She’s seen (and heard)  me at my worst, and still comes to visit.
For me, that has been the biggest gift I have discovered as a blogger.
To have someone know the real me,  accept me for who I am and still want to interact.
Those of you that are bloggers… Why do you write?  Would love to have you give a brief description of your blog.  Any highlights/ low lights as  a blogger?  A memorable interaction, etc?

19 thoughts on “That is a lot of fodder

  1. Wow, 13 years! Those WP reminders always sneak up on me and amaze me when I see them Doug.
    I know why I started blogging, way back when, on a different blogging site: I wanted to write for my kids- sharing memories and impressions about my own life so that they would know a little more about their mom. That blog was called Memol’s World.
    I probably wrote just as randomly then as I do now but it was wonderful to look back at moments and share them honestly.
    Blogging on WP came at a time that my life was changing, my views were changing and I had taken a turn away from writing FOR them and more for myself.
    I think you know that my current blog was never meant for the masses, just a quiet little spot to share bits and pieces while flying under the radar. It is readers and friends like you, who comment honestly and with insight that keep me going.
    The blog title “I am, therefore I write” must be recognized as a riff on “I think, therefore I am” from Rene Descartes. Proving my existence was not the question, but writing about my existence was clearly what I wanted to do 🙂

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    • I like how you put that….”never meant for the masses, just a quiet little spot to share bits and pieces while flying under the radar. It is readers and friends like you, who comment honestly and with insight that keep me going.” Always good to hear from you Deb. DM

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  2. My first blog was Taking Care of Mom which I started in 2009 when Mom was 100 years old. I shared my honest thoughts about caretaking. That segued into two other blogs—Life After taking care of mom, and another when I was trying to promote a business idea doing personal histories , both of which are somewhere in cyberspace.
    Early 2017 I began about our travels and a place to share my photography of the beauty of America. We are stationary for a while so it creates more of a challenge to do a travel blog. But I also have a lot of thoughts to share—my goal.

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    • I am so glad you mentioned your current blog Martha..I just signed up 😉 Haven’t had a chance to read anything yet,..but looking forward to it! I had no idea of it’s existence 🙂 I still remember when you mentioned Ben and you were thinking of downsizing….what the heck, where does the time go???? Hard to believe that was 3 years ago already.. DM

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  3. Wow, 13 years and I’ve been at this for 6. Just looked at my number of posts and wow, what a gas bag………… 8,019! Pleasure to be one of your followers Doug. pensitivity101 is a mishmash of family memories, poetry, challenges, Maggie, health, budgets, dieting and food!

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    • I can’t believe you’ve only been writing for 6 years…I must have stumbled across your and Paul’s writings early on then..I know I’ve been reading you for @ least 3 or 4 years. I remember when you were thinking about downsizing and moving onto the boat…how long ago was that?


      • We bought the boat in July 2014 and sold her in April 2017. Both of us miss the simplicity f the life and community spirit, though we accept that had we kept her, we would have moved to different moorings as had we stayed we would have been looking at another £1000 pa at least just to ‘park’ it on their pontoon! That’s four grand we don’t have to spare, and that’s before anything else like local taxes, electricity, gas etc!

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  4. The boss has spoken I see. (chuckle)
    I’ve been a message boarder, website writer, and blogger since 1989.
    Always heavily involved with prepping, frugal living, outdoor and shooting activities, that just about sums up my writing.
    Only you can run out of things to write about those subjects.
    That and as I’ve grown greyer my tolerance for all things ‘government’ has run out.
    The lows have been the effects of combat stress (PTSD) rising to the fore again and blogging has helped me there as others like me have been so helpful.

    As for interesting highs.
    Hi Doug, you’re in the top five of those.
    Then there is SWMBO.
    6 years ago she was bored with a capital B. So I suggested she try it.
    Little did I know what would happen and I’m really happy she has friends all around the world.
    There is only one little snag. She is on her SECOND laptop and that is almost done!
    Her keyboard is a mass of sticky letters as I’ve never known someone to hammer keys hard enough to rub the ink off. Sigh.

    I suppose the last thing to say is I would encourage everyone to blog because everyone is special and has a tale to tell and some of those tales are fascinating.
    Especially those from our elders.

    Aside from that there are also loads of talented people out there in blogging land.
    Talent and skills I have learned from and tried in my small way to add to.

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    • I count on your blog to give me a sense of what’s really going on street level over where you live. You and I share a lot in common in how we look @ the world….and wow..over 30 years of writing…. I think one of the most memorable topics you wrote about were when you on the street and the woman came along side share her street smarts with you. Your comments about Di wearing off the letters made me smile. (I have a similar thing gong on with a few of my keys 🙂 (Letter A is all but gone on my keyboard)

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      • Chuckling about the keyboard Doug.
        And yes Megan was someone really special.

        As for Di.
        She is probably the one thing I’ve ever done right. Although she still reminds me about the handcuffs I took to our wedding just in case she tried to change her mind.


  5. Wow, Doug, 13 years is a long time. I didn’t know what a blog was 13 years ago! I’m closing in on 8 years, although I did back away for a while, and I see that I’ve written 401 posts. That’s about one a week; you’re way ahead of that!

    I love the fact that there’s a blogging community out there and that one can make meaningful connections and friendships. I hadn’t expected that; it’s a bonus. But the real reason I blog is pretty well summed up in a post I wrote when I came back to it: To write is to think.

    Congrats on your milestone and Happy Thanksgiving!

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    • Just reread that post. I loved it the first time I read, it and loved it even more the 2nd. I am glad you’re still blogging Jane. I do remember that season when you were not writing, and when you started back up.

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  6. “They” said you had to blog–to create an online presence if you wanted to sell books. So I blogged. I had no idea what I was doing, so my blogs were public/private ruminations. Then, a couple of years later, “They” said that blogging was a waste of time if you wrote fiction.

    And there I was. I’d reached out. Made friends. Found community, with writers, with bloggers, with gardeners and beekeepers. Now that my flailings were no longer a vehicle to sell books, what was I going to do? I stuck with it. There are friends out there in the blogosphere. There are people who have touched me, changed my thinking. There have been folks in need, and I reached back to connect. There are debates that wanted for an articulate response.

    Sometimes I think that I’m just looking for intelligent life in the universe. And I’m always pleased to find it, usually tucked in someone’s journal of the day-to-day.

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    • I don’t know you all that well, (yet) but we do share several interests in common (books, gardening, bee keeping and a love for intelligent conversation, along with a desire to encourage and be encouraged via writing. Take care. DM

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  7. Today I was trying to remember how to get back into WordPress after a long absence, and found your blog again. This time I signed up to follow it via email. I’m having fun catching up on your world!

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