Still feeling the magic 43 years later…

Action photo from work this week.

“Do what you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”   My father


Most days I love what I do.      I would be lying if I told you every day is like that…it’s not.  Once in a while I do have a  job that will suck the life out of me, but it’s usually not the work itself but some people related issue.

I can still remember standing in the doorway at my grandma’s house  back in 1976… the day I told her I had chosen not to go to college, but instead work full time for my dad. (He owned a construction company with my uncle Johnny.)

“Oh Douggie ” she said..sadness on her face, sadness in her voice…   I knew she only wanted what was best.  Thing was, already at age 18 I knew I loved construction.  Absolutely loved it.

That was 43 years ago and I still feel the magic.

Most many days I come home physically exhausted, which makes me sleep like a baby.

Hard to put a dollar amount on that.

Well, better call this good enough.

Wife is probably wondering where I am with her morning  cup of coffee.

Take care. DM





12 thoughts on “Still feeling the magic 43 years later…

  1. I envy anyone who enjoys being up on a roof in the snow and cold!
    You mentioned coffee, which now makes me wonder… aren’t you a Starbucks person? I’m too lazy to go back to older posts and find out for myself but I have in mind that you have spoken of Starbucks brand?
    Don’t know if you like light, medium or dark roasts. I typically only use dark roast and thought I would suggest a few options, both dark roast, although I don’t know if they’re available in your area.
    Green Mountain Coffee Roasters: Single Origin Sumatra Reserve. Slightly more mellow than a true dark roast with a little sweetness to it.
    Seattle’s Best: Post Alley. This one is always my winter favorite. Intensely dark like French roast and has an amazing smoky quality. I love to use this one and make my own eggnog lattes—because I am frugal 🙂 This brand is one of my favorites in general. Henry’s Blend is always a winner as well!

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