Of Grit and Bone 7/8/19

Jason, his son Josh and I were building a deck today.  As we were having  coffee,  Jason’s phone rang.  I could hear him talking to someone about his birthday. which is this week.

“How old will you be?” I asked him when he got off the phone.

“Forty eight.”

Out of the blue, Josh looks at me and asked “How old are you”?

“Sixty one.” 

“No way, he said.  I thought you were about fifty.”

Ah, the simple things in life….


There are so many things that can factor into aging well, especially the mental component.

Right at the top of my list is a sense of humor.


About 13 years ago, I cut off the tip of my ring finger with a skill saw.  As a large African American lady was wheeling me down the hallway  to the operating room, we got to talking.

She asked me what had happened?.

“Oh, I cut the tip of my finger off with a saw, “I said with a smirk.

“Oh! Don’t tell me that!” she said.

(I can still hear her southern drawl in my head).

“Yep, one of the guys found it and brought it to the hospital, just in case  they can sew it back on.”

“Don’t tell me that!” she said again.

“Yep, and it’s here in this bowl” (I had a metal bowl on my lap with that little chunk of my finger).

“Don’t tell me that!”

I smiled,

She smiled.

A sense of humor can go along way in a medical situation.


Read the following this week and posted it on facebook:

“A well developed sense of humor reveals a well-balanced personality….the ability to get a laugh out of everyday situations is a safety valve. It rids us of tensions and worries that could otherwise damage your health….you think I’m exaggerating the benefits?

Maybe you’ve forgotten this proverb: “A joyful heart is good medicine…”


And finally…work keeps coming in. (Which is why I have not been doing as much writing).

The bee split was a success.

Had our first new potatoes this weekend from the garden.

Decided to re-fire up our Bed and Breakfast for a little extra income.  Just about ready to reopen the doors.

95% of the people we’ve had stay, were not looking for the  B and B experience as much as just a place to stay.

Well, about time to call it a day.

Thanks for stopping by. DM



9 thoughts on “Of Grit and Bone 7/8/19

  1. You’re right about that sense of humor. I’m glad you’re getting plenty of work, too. My goal this week is to finish up a job by Wednesday, so I can invoice before our tropical whatever arrives. If it doesn’t, great. If it does, I’ll feel better about cooling my heels in bad weather!

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  2. Totally agree with the mental aspect of aging Doug. I think we can put ourselves out of commission faster in our own head and then things begin to slide physically…


  3. Good to hear about your week.
    Laughter is the best medicine they say. My SOH may be a bit warped at times, and those are not crows feet round my 63 year old eyes, but laughter lines!


  4. Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, at you, or wonders why you don’t understand the seriousness of the situation. All of which we don’t mind. Either way it lightens the mood, decreases the impact, diverts the mind, and is often an effective way of defusing tension.


  5. I get the opposite reaction. People think I’m older than I am. I just turned 33 but I’m graying prematurely (and at a quick pace over the last three years). People say, oh, building that house really brought on the gray! But it wasn’t that stressful, really. I’m also not into gaming, TV, movies, etc., and I have good control over my finances. (Say what you will about stereotypes, but those factors all play into people’s perceptions of age.)
    I’ve been called an old soul more times than I can count.
    Way to age with humor! I think keeping active is hugely important too. The whole, use it or lose it thing.


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