Did not see this coming

Did not see this coming.

Once a year, our 4 children agreed a couple of years ago, as it is hard to get everybody together at the same time, it would be great just to set aside a couple of days each year where we knew everyone would be able to be back.  (2 of our 4 kids  live out-of-state).

So everyone was back in town this week to celebrate their mama’s birthday.  5:15 we had planned to get together for a cookout @ one of the daughters homes.

Walked into the garage and I was confused.  Saw my brother, my mom and dad, heck, all of my siblings were there and their spouses….I thought..ah, neat..they’d been invited to help celebrate my wife’s birthday with us….but then  a cake caught my eye.  A Princess Bride themed cake… It was a good 45  to 60 seconds before I realized this was a surprise anniversary celebration, and I was one of the guests of honor.

I have never had a real surprise party in my life…never.

Two days later I am still in shock.

If it would have been possible,   I would love to have had each of you that read this blog, to have been invited.  I mean that.

The Princess Bride is one of those goofy movie’s from the 80’s that has taken on a life of it’s own in the fabric of our family’s life.


Princess Bride themed cake

Group photo


31 thoughts on “Did not see this coming

  1. This is so wonderful Doug. Congratulations on your anniversary and your good lady’s birthday. I love things like this, makes family closer and love in abundance. Time together is precious.
    I surprised my Mum and Dad for their 35th by inviting them up for Sunday lunch (I was living in Bath then with Partner). When they arrived, I gave Dad a cigar and Mum flowers, though she was disappointed not to be having a roast when she saw the buffet laid out.
    Then everyone came out of my kitchen, as well as my siblings, there were Dad’s brother and sisters plus a smattering of nephews and nieces. In all 37 of us in my little semi! It’s the only time I’ve seen my Dad speechless, and I was so glad to do it for them. It was a wonderful day, and for those who stayed over, I cooked breakfast for 15!
    We celebrated their 45th with a chinese meal in a restaurant (I was married to Hubby now) with my sister, BIL, brother and SIL. Other brother couldn’t make it (wife Number 2 had plans, no comment), but we had a wonderful meal. Happy memories.

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    • The two oldest are both the creative types, they do this sort of stuff all the time in the other relationships in their lives…This was a first for me to be on the receiving end of their creativity.


  2. First of all, happy anniversary and may you have many more. Second, I love that the Princess Bride has such a special place in your family – it has the same place in our family too. Inconceivable! is one of our favourite expressions. What a lovely surprise for you both and such a loving gesture from your family.

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  3. Happy anniversary…and Princess Bride is special in our family too. We saw actual real live ROUS in France (they’re called river rats, and they’re the size of small beavers), we use various quotes ALL the time, and it was the first DVD my husband bought when we got our first DVD player eons ago. My adult kids know Peter Falk as the grandpa, not as Columbo. :), which I admit ages me…. Love that your family pulled this together for you and your wife, and that is one awesome family photo!

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    • Thank you so much! Eldest daughter told me @ the party, she almost bought a ROUS for a decoration. I love that your family loves Princess Bride as well. Good clean fun. 🙂


    • How sweet. The Princess Bride is part of your family as well. Makes me want to ask a show of hands to see how many there are..I know it must be in the 10’s of millions of families. :-)DM

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