Why I’m optimistic about 2019

I just ordered  2000 Red Burgundy  Organic Onion seeds this morning.

When they arrive, I’m going to fill a flat with them and watch them grow.


CS Lewis wrote a little fictional book called The Screwtape Letters.  It is my personal favorite of all his writings.  He was a master story-teller.   He talks in there about worry, fear of the future, fears of the unknown.   If you struggle with fear, and love a good allegory, I can’t recommend it enough.

I think it has shaped my thoughts on this topic as much as anything I have ever read.

Well, I feel a nap coming on.

Later! DM






27 thoughts on “Why I’m optimistic about 2019

  1. Hi Doug.
    The book is public domain now (free) and I started to read it BUT if there is a meaning, it’s lost on me. Still if I tell you my favored reading is old Judge Dredd comics you’ll probably understand. 😉
    Enjoy your nap.

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  2. And we are ordering ingredients for a holistic fruit tree spray that will be great for the trees and combat bugs at the same time. Of course we aren’t trying to sell our apples. And there is no mention of stink bugs so far in this dvd. And I’m planting comfrey. And flowers.
    I pray 2019 is your year for red onions. 😍

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    • I will take your well wishes for the red onions….large onion growing is supposed to be easy. After multiple attempts, I think I am (maybe) getting closer to understanding and doing what needs to be done. I too tried a holistic free tree spray last year on our apples…(we have 80 trees and a dozen peach) the Japanese beetles just laughed at me. do you have any of those little buggers where you live?


  3. Oh my, that really is a marvelous cartoon. There’s a lot more to it than flowers and seeds, not that those aren’t inspiring items. I’m going to share it on FB. Meanwhile, maybe I should try The Screwtape Letters. At the least it will give me a chance to see what inspires you! 😏

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  4. Your comment about the Screwtape letters made me laugh out loud. One of the teachers at school used to read excerpts out loud in assembly and the entire school groaned when they did. Your post made me think I should go back and take a look with new eyes – thanks. Loved the cartoon – you truly do reap what you sow.

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