Blogger I follow just passed 40,000 followers.

On a given post, he will get between  100 to 150 comments.

Just for fun, I took the number of followers I have had (223) divided that by the number of comments I typically get, and found you my readers are 10 times more likely to comment than the other blogger, whom I enjoy reading.

Yesterday I was in the office and decided to look at the people on that list of 223 followers….75% of them I’ve never ever heard from, several blogs no longer exist, some were linked to business sites.  Lots of smoke / no fire.

So I went through the list and started deleting.

Now I’m down to 53 followers.

Did the same thing on my farm blog.   Went from 160 down to 70.

It felt good.

It feels good.

I would rather my words go out to 3 or 4 people I know who  read my posts and interact on some level, than have my thoughts go to thousands of places where nobody reads or cares.

I find it hard (sometimes) to write, because of this.  I’m not 100%  sure I can even  tell you why, although that proverb/ word picture of “being careful not to cast your pearls before swine” came to mind…    (Translation:  Don’t place what is precious and valuable before someone who  will  just discard and trample it into the mud)

People write for lots of different reasons.

I write for a couple of reasons….

Any guesses? 😉

By the way, please don’t feel any pressure to comment, (or like this post)…I mean it.

Just the fact you are reading this means you made the cut.   I know you are out there and I value your interactions in my life.

Thank you! DM



30 thoughts on “Stats

    • Me too. I had someone “follow” me last week..according to my WordPress notifications, not only did she decide to follow, but she read and liked 8 of my blog posts in one minute. That’s not the first time that has happened, and I get why they do it..but it is disingenuous
      Disingenuous: Not straightforward or candid; insincere… calculating.

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      • Yes! I have had that happen too, or they will follow, but haven’t even bothered to try and look like they read any of my posts. Maybe they are using bots. Who knows, but it just takes away from the whole blogging thing, of writing and appreciating others that write and share their thoughts!

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  1. It felt so good when I did my own big clean up awhile back Doug. I don’t hesitate anymore to regularly remove new followers who are basically trolling and liking and moving on without ever interacting. Welcome to the “clean-out club”!

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  2. I need to do cleanup. I think my blog says I have 450 followers. 20 is more like it. I’ll have to explore how to delete them though because even though it says that number I don’t actually see that many when I look at the list. So I don’t know what that’s about.

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  3. You’re a rare breed Doug.
    You write about things that make me think, make me smile, and remind me of ‘what was’.
    About the old values, a person’s word, trust, and respect.

    My friend numbers means VERY little to me.
    It’s quality I enjoy not quantity.
    So write a little, write a lot, it don’t matter to us.
    I’ll read it, the boss will too because we want to.

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    • Danka Sir. Appreciate your words of encouragement! I did grow up in a home where I was taught to look people in the eye when talking, have a firm handshake, be a man of my word and make sure if I borrow something it goes back as good or better than when I got it. Dad was hired to build one of the local banks in town when he was just sort of starting out…built the project on a handshake. I never forgot that story.

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  4. First of all, how did you go through that list of followers and delete the ones who aren’t really following you? I know how to do stuff like that on Facebook and Instagram, but not wordpress. I always enjoy your posts. They are real. You are real. I appreciate the fact we spent time together and you were exactly the person I was expecting. Back in October, I went on a 4 day backpacking trip with a girl I was watching on YouTube. i was expecting her to be the way she was in her videos. She wasn’t even close. Her videos were manufactured to make her seem a certain way. They weren’t authentic. The way I am in my videos is the way I am in real life. I don’t pretend to be someone else. I value authenticity. 🙂

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    • You are also the real deal Michelle…I enjoyed meeting you in the flesh. Felt like a long lost cousin coming for a visit. As far as deleting followers on WP..if you go to your control panel the top right hand corner, when your on the stat page, it will tell you how many followers you have..if you click should have a drop down menu that tells you how many follow via e-mail and how many are WP bloggers…by each name there is an X if you hover over the right hand corner of their will ask if you really want to delete them, if so, then click again. it can be kind of theraputic. 🙂 DM

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  5. I started watching a Netflix show ( T .V helps me decompress sometimes) called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. She wrote a best seller last year about the joy of tidying up. The show focuses on families at different stages in their lives who’s homes had gotten cluttered with so many things that there was no order. I think you’re just tidying up ; )

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    • yes… that’s exactly how it feels 🙂 I also need to decompress when i get home from work…usually takes me 20 to 25 minutes….my drug of choice is wordpress, plus a little FB. (I am subscribed to multiple groups on FB that have to do with gardening, cooking with cast iron, living in the country, etc. and have all of the people in my life who post crap on “silent” so facebook for me is actually quite relaxing most of the time. No drama…no snarking…nada. If they do..poof..I can’t see them. Good to hear from you Susan. DM

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