Jumble of words

Saw the following picture on our screensaver this morning.

(Our screensaver scrolls through the photos I’ve uploaded on the computer)

Grandson helping dad and grandpa cut wood with his chainsaw

Kasen was born with an extra  Chromosome 21

(Down Syndrome)


My mind is a jumble of  words when I see that picture.

95% positive

I am so thankful my daughter and her husband did not choose to end his life while he was still in the womb.  6 out of 10 babies diagnosed with down syndrome never make it out of the womb alive here in America.   The odds are even worse in Europe (9 out of 10)

Kasen is as much a part of  our family as any of us.

The Thanksgiving holiday here in America  is day after tomorrow.  Wishing all of you that stay in touch with me on a regular basis here via my blog(s) a great day…and if you lived locally I would invite you to join us for lunch.

I really would…

Then you could meet Kasen  🙂  and the rest of clan.

Take care. DM


16 thoughts on “Jumble of words

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your whole family, DM. It’s hard to believe that the holiday season’s come around again, but here we are. Enjoying every day is getting more important — especially since there are fewer of them left!

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  2. I love his chainsaw and the determination on his face to hack that branch to pieces! Enjoy your holiday Doug and have fun with the family.
    We swap out working on holidays with my job so this year Thanksgiving is mine, but I have Christmas off. My plans include eating nothing that even resembles typical holiday food, just things that sound good to me, and definitely staying away from anything that looks like a store and crazy shoppers on Friday!

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  3. Happy thanksgiving Doug if a little early.

    A story for you.
    I used to fix computers in a commercial large volume unit.
    As part of a national scheme I often had to train youngsters aged 16 to 25.
    One of the lads I taught had mild Down Syndrome.
    All it took was a little patience and once trained, his line (functional testing on receipt, refurbishment, and after repair testing) RAN LIKE CLOCKWORK and NOTHING faulty got past him, EVER!

    Thus he made permanent staff as an inspector within 3 months of arriving.

    p.s. And one in the eye for budding engineers. Girls train easier than boys.
    Nearly all the girls we trained went into the service industry as engineers BUT AS FOR THE BOYS? Only 1 in 3 made it.

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    • will you sit with us? the whole clan is getting together…I think I heard now, just one son-in-law will be missing..other than that, every last one of us. You might be able to get a piece of my mom’s famous pecan pie.


  4. Hope your Thanksgiving was great! It was peaceful here in the blue ridge mountains. Simple food, lovingly prepared, a bubble of love and joy as my children, husband and I sat down to a candlelit meal. And two pumpkin pies plus pumpkin custard.

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    • We had a great one here as well. Both of my parents are on the mend which definitely set the mood this season…. when I read your comment..my mind went to that song about “Blue ridge mountains”…. Your day sounded perfect Michelle. thanks for stopping by the blog! DM


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