Speak Life

Quick story from this morning….

Number one son and I were in Muscatine the last couple of days doing repairs on a turn of the century house.  Place had been converted into a group home and was in need of some TLC.   First thing that struck me when we got to the job was the  neighborhood.  Lots of large older homes, that in their day would have been something to see.  Second thing that struck me was the couple next door. The two of them, ( I’m guessing, mid 70’s) were hard at it.  She had a dew-rag on her head, and he had one of those floppy safari hats.   Their house sat back further from the street than the rest of the houses on the block and it  (the house) looked like it could be on the cover of a magazine.  A part of me wanted to tell them how nice their place looked, but I didn’t want to come across as some nut-case, so I kept my thoughts to myself.

This morning on the way back to Muscatine, the guy on the radio was talking about the power of our words.  Our words have the power to  build up, and tear down, and to look for opportunities to encourage.

So, that little thought was rolling around in my head  as I was finishing up.  I spotted the neighbor lady bringing a garbage can out to the street, so I thought, what the heck. I told her good morning.   Then I told her  how much I had admired the way they kept their place up.  She in turn complimented me on how nice the newly painted front and back porch looked on the house we were working on.  We  talked for 30 seconds, but that’s all it took.

That little ditty they taught you when you were a kid about “sticks and stones can break your bones, but word can never harm you.”

That’s a bunch of BS.  (BS stands for Bad Stuff in German.)

I have a  friend who will occasionally say to me “Speak life.” 

I like it.

I think it’s a spin off from the phrase “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.”

Do I do this perfectly?  Nada.

Especially at home.

Well, I better call it a day. Later! DM



8 thoughts on “Speak Life

  1. I’m missing the part about why you thought twice about telling someone you thought their house looked nice. We’re in our mid-70s and we’re certainly pleased if someone makes a nice comment. 😏 Not reaching out to someone with a pleasantry without thinking twice doesn’t sound like you, but I’m glad you got past your hesitation!

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    • I’m glad you asked. Biggest hesitancy was I looked a little “shoddy” myself. I was wearing my painting clothes and had already gotten several judgmental looks when we had to run uptown to pick up supplies, My hands were covered in white latex/ my hooded sweatshirt is ready for the dumpster, etc. I assumed, maybe wrongly, a random stranger just coming up out of the blue dressed like me and complimenting her house would have sounded a little weird…

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  2. Hi Doug.
    Like Jane I was a bit confused as to why you hesitated, though from your response I can understand why. Nice to know that couples still take a pride in their homes. Some of the places we’ve seen have been abysmally maintained by somewhat younger owners, and it’s such a shame. Hubby and I try to keep ours tidy and presentable outside and in.
    We often comment on someone’s garden, even more so if they’re in it because I can ask them about the flowers!

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    • So you’re a flower master, in addition to all of your many other interests (number cruncher/ piano player, etc.) What’s your favorite flower and why?


      • I don’t know one from another Doug, though I love roses, freesias, wild honeysuckle, lilac and lily of the valley. I guess I love the scent when you come into a room, though I love to see them in the fields. You might recall the bluebell wood Paul took me to on my birthday a couple of years ago. Wonderful sight!

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  3. We talk to anyone, even those who we’ve been warned are “bad”.
    And we’ve often found the ‘bad’ open up to a kind or appreciative word.
    It’s also them who remember you said it.
    Unlike those whose show homes are in mint condition and they know it (if you get my drift).

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    • Sounds like we’re a like in that respect. I’ve taken on more than one construction job for someone who may be a little questionable. (or hired a few with a colorful backgrounds…it can add a little variety to the day..as long as they don’t add too much drama to my day 😉

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