My dear friend Chris (who occasionally reads this blog…Hi Chris!) gave me the ultimate compliment yesterday…he noticed “zen like” qualities in my life.  I looked up the word Zen  just to see what he might  be seeing….

Webster defines  zen as a state of calm attentiveness in which one’s actions are guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort.  

A short story of  my Zen like reaction to having been recently hacked….


Wife received a call three weeks ago from our credit card company.  Someone had  switched our mailing address to Florida, was that us? The representative on the phone said,  I (DM)  needed to get back to them. (I was taking @ nap at the time).  The number they left did not correspond to the number on the back of our credit card, so I called the one on our credit card instead…it is really hard to know who to trust anymore… Was the call, a scam itself? 

When I finally got through to customer service,  I could not answer enough of the security questions to their satisfaction..(questions like, when I did I open the card?  What were the last several transactions and amounts, etc?)

I don’t carry that sort of stuff around in my short-term memory..heck, I have trouble remembering our kids birthdays sometimes… 🙂

Ron the older man on the other end of the customer service line with a gravelly voice, apologized but said, I would need to physically go into our local bank.

Went the next morning…

Discovered that not only had someone successfully changed our address, they had also apparently gained access to our on-line banking with full access to a lot of stuff.

At one point, there were three bankers in the room, trying to figure out some detail..one of them looked at me and said, “How many bankers does it take to fix this?  (I like her attitude)

Three hours later, I left the bank…Their security division put a freeze (then closure) on all of our banking connected with them.  We were encouraged to start over with new accounts, new card, yada, yada…

So that was still in the process of getting straightened out yesterday when I went out to get the mail…


In the mail, we received a bank/ credit card statement… as I looked it over, I noticed  there was a $25 rush fee, and the last four digits of a new number at the top of the page..

I picked up the phone, called customer service, again,  explained why I was calling…and then a light bulb went on.

A new card had been issued the same day I was @ the bank, and they had put a rush on it…SENDING IT TO THE ADDRESS IN FLORIDA  of the hacker…PLUS dinging me $25 for  the privilege of doing so.

“They sent the “F”ing  new credit card to the address of the hackers.” 

It came out of my mouth before I could stop it.

I have to be honest.  It felt good.  I used to cuss like a sailor…that dirty habit, has all but become dormant…but not completely.

There is a time to get angry in a zen sort of way.

That’s my story young grasshopper.


Any of you old enough to remember David Carradine and  the TV series Kung Fu?





33 thoughts on “Hacked

  1. I didn’t have as much trouble straightening out my little experience, but I thought you might get a chuckle out of it. When I opened my credit card statement a few months ago, there was a charge for pizza and Netflix — in Melbourne, Australia. Ummmmmm……

    I don’t do pizza and Netflix here, and I certainly haven’t been to Oz. It was taken care of, and a new card issued. Still, it does make you wonder.

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    • so you think the hackers were from Australia? Wonder if they bought your info on the dark web? Would have thought they would have made bigger purchases than a pizza and netflix..(good for you)


  2. I have all my banking and credit cards and billing online on my handy dandy phone. I check with almost OCD regularity to make sure nothing is being charged or spent that I haven’t personally charged or spent. My hubby also has free credit monitoring for a year – after somebody got hold of a physicians log in code and his records were among those viewed. In this day and age most five year olds are more computer literate than I – I’m under no illusions that any of our info is safe.
    Zen….I’ve been chasing that one my whole life 😄. Swearing? Well sometimes you gotta – especially when the bank sends your new card to the hacker 😂

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  3. SWMBO would have flipped if this had happened to us.
    Ex-banking ‘trade’, she doesn’t trust them one little bit, and as for their computer systems?

    Many a time she has had to explain in words of one syllable face to face with some bank weenie they they cocked up big time. It’s scary watching her doing it too..
    It also doesn’t matter at what level the matter gets escalated to either.
    The higher the rank, the harder she goes at them.

    As for Zen like?
    Never was sure what that meant but I was often accused of being in ‘Zen like trance’ when shooting. All I knew was afterwards I’d always sleep like a baby, totally relaxed.
    Although it did create a few ‘problems’.
    On one occasion, I was so focused on what I was doing, it took my pal pounding on my head to ‘wake me’. Such was my concentration I completely missed the tiny fact that mortar shells were exploding around us.

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  4. Yikes! Another reason why we don’t want to know about on-line banking! We received a call on the mobile a few years ago and refusing to discuss my personal business in a field, I said I’d go into a branch. We made them put a note on all of our accounts that NO CONTACT was to be made other than letter. Two weeks ago I had a text message about their call centres being busy due to bad weather. I let them off as we were up to our ankles in snow.
    I hope you’ve got your new cards sorted….. best to arrange collection from the bank in these circumstances, and you are within your rights to claim the $25 back as they sent it to the wrong place.
    Banks! They rip you off left right and centre. Ah, Grasshopper! When you can remove the pebble from my hand…………………… I’ll shove it where the sun don’t shine!. xx

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  5. our social security #s, health accounts and more were hacked in the recent Equifax breach. I signed us up for Lifelock, it’s about $16/month for EACH of our info, but I feel better with it. Once signed up you set up your alert threshholds IE transfers over $$ amount, purchases over $$ amount. We bought some furniture and all kinds of alerts were going off – it made me feel better like our info was actually being monitored. Also I have 1 credit card that I use online via PayPal ~ never use Debit online, ever. And Hubby has learned not to ever get cash out of those gas station ATMs b/c his debit card # was skimmed there once –> on a Sunday morning we noticed small charges at Kroger – we don’t have any Krogers near us … gah — dirty rotten buggers got about $540 (all repaid by our bank) via little increments of $30, $40, $50 etc. It’s a cold hard world out there and there are plenty of snakes waiting in the grass to take what we’ve worked so hard for!

    -Take care! MJ

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    • PS – when I recently got a personal cell I had to enter my social # and home address in billing to validate it was me =- Immediately got a text from Lifelock asking if it was me doing this! And, I forgot to tell you that, when I first opened the account, they found MY change of address form I initiated with the USPS from when we moved in 2016! Shazam – I was convinced of their worthiness right there. The small print says they can’t protect against everything but … I feel better with it, that’s for sure 🙂


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  6. I hate to think how many times we have been hacked over the past 10 years, but the banks have always handled them quickly and professionally (knock on wood). The worst part of each experience has been updating all of my payment accounts with the new credit card number., aaarrrggghhh.
    Ever since our first hack I check our accounts daily and have alerts emailed to me for large expenditures. We also have ID protection – worth the $149 a year.
    The first time it happened I was so freaked out about it. But now I guess I am pretty “zen” about it… although mailing the new card to the hacker address would probably have pushed me over the edge.

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    • sounds like the ID protection may be what we need to do…you’re the 2nd (or 3rd) person who recommended it… This is the first time for us…although I did log onto Paypal a couple of years ago and my log on screen was in Chinese..so someone was trying to get in.


  7. Zen and cussing can totally go hand in hand when the occasion calls for it. Horses more often than I’d like to admit remind me of that. Had my identity stolen back in my 20s. It was so incredibly stressful. Luckily it was handled well and the perpetrators were actually caught and charged.

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    • Love it! (cussing and ZEN go hand in hand) Quick question- how did they catch the people that stole your identity? Were they from the US? What sort of punishment did they get? I’m thinking you never hear of someone actually being caught.

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      • Mine was smaller level crime. Had my apartment broken into, they stole everything I had which included my birth certificate and used it to get an ID. Then they went around getting a cell phone and Blockbuster movie rental card. They tracked them through the cell phone bill as I recall. They had been doing this kinda stuff to others too.


      • It was a couple of young people, in their 20s. Druggies. I testified at a grand jury, but didn’t follow it beyond that. I do know they got prison time though because of the amount of people they’d done it to.


  8. I sure hope the banking situation has been resolved! What a mess eh? My youngest called me last night down in the dumps because he was scammed this week. I raised some money to buy him a phone when he came back to the USA. He bought another phone and decided to sell this one. Did it through the Internet. Some ‘guy’ from Nigeria ‘paid’ him through Paypal. Looked legit enough. He sent it off and then felt like something wasn’t right. Called Paypal and sure enough, it was a scam. I felt so bad for him. School of hard knocks is no fun. The bright side is, I think the package is still retrievable. It hasn’t left the USA. I used to cuss like a sailor too. I still cuss when I’m angry. I was cussing last night. Asking God, why are people so 🤬?

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