Why I Write

Got a call this morning from a friend.  Their family was in the middle of one of those situations where you are grasping for straws.

Just so happened, I’d walked through something very similar 10 years ago.

We talked for 5 minutes,  I mostly listened…

When it seemed appropriate, I shared just enough of my story to let her know I  got it….I put into words some of the confusion she was feeling.  By the end of our conversation, I heard  just a glimmer of hope in her voice.

I called her tonight just to check on her.   Still not out of the woods, but at a better place than this morning.


Dawned on me tonight, that is the main reason I keep this blog.

CS Lewis wrote: ...”I read to know I am not alone.” 

Well, I write to let you know you are not alone.

Real life is full of ups and downs, highlights and low lights….if I am to believe social media,  then many people’s lives are one big success story….and we both know that is not true. Life is a mixed bag.   Currently things in my life are on an even keel…and I like it that way.  If a person dropped into my life for the first time right now, they’d never guess some of the stuff I’ve wrestled with and won.

Friend of mine joined a grief support group a few years ago after loosing one of her children.  One of the older women in the group had buried a husband and two children.   When she spoke, (the older woman) she spoke with insight forged on the anvil of life.  She said she had credentials.  She wasn’t just spouting theory.

That pretty much sums up where I am coming from.

If you dig a little deeper on this blog, there is some darker stuff as well, and I’ve put it there intentionally.

Yes, I’ve been known to write about refinishing  a claw foot tub,  tending an apple orchard, or dealing with a testy neighbor…. At the end of the day, my main intention is to share my ordinary life with anyone who cares to follow along.  I work real hard at not spouting trite platitudes…

I hate them.

Two days ago, a friend shared with me in confidence  something he had been thinking.  I told him, I’d had similar things go through my head before..

“No way!   Really?”

Oh yea. 🙂


That is the long and short of it.

Gonna leave you with a song…make sure you turn up the volume. 😉



21 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. I have formed some wonderful connections since beginning to blog, and I’m very grateful to know that there are readers, writers, and responders from all over who are willing to listen, and share of themselves, with me. I consider all of you to be my friends. Keep writing Doug 🙂

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      • I still think of your offer/thought out-loud of coming out here to help me frame for a week or two. At the time, we were still sore from the sudden fear of having no home, so taking you up on the offer was completely impossible. But it affected me, such an offer from a relative stranger. (I mean, I would have paid you, but still.) It reminded me of some crazy ideas I could come up with. I usually let normal reasoning talk me out of crazy ideas, but I’ve been getting better at ignoring that reasoning… 🙂 Makes for better stories.
        Thanks again.

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  2. I am very very much a loner – by choice. I stay close to my own family – those that are left, and keep my own company. Even my hubby – love him to bits- knows when to leave me my space and find something to do.
    What I love about blogging – is that I have people to share things with, and get feedback on – from all walks of life and from many different places. These people, on the outside looking in – have some of the best insights, advice, encouragement to offer and do so freely without expecting anything in return. This, of course – allows me to just be me. I appreciate that 😊

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  3. Anvil of life. That’s good. I too have appreciated the little corner of the blog world that I’ve been part of for the last several years, I think because many of us are prone to sharing real life as opposed to just the instagram moments. It’s a comfort (misery loves company) to know that other people go through hard things too. And come out the other side and carry on and even maybe laugh and smile and have fun sometimes. Forged on the anvil of life. Yup I like it.

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  4. And this is exactly the reason your blog is my #1. I look to you as a mentor and am often reminded by your writing that it can be the little things, the ordinary moments in everyday life, where you find strength and meaning. Also, I appreciate when you share the dark.

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