Assertiveness Training

Wanted to share with you the latest 16 second assertiveness training exercise I came across.

Watch it daily, preferably  several times a day until it begins to seep into the soft tissue of your brain.

Don’t argue with me, just do it. 😉

For me, watching someone role model a behavior sticks better than just reading it out of a book…

Would love to hear your stories about standing your ground in the face of overwhelming odds.

Here’s that clip:

I know you probably think I am joking, but I am  not.

Have a good weekend! DM


7 thoughts on “Assertiveness Training

  1. What happened to the intriguing words that originally accompanied the cow-goose video?! I can definitely stand up for myself, but I find I get even better at it in old(er) age. I’m not so concerned with what people will think, especially men😏! Great video. It reminds me of when our cows exhibited similar interest in a porcupine crossing our field. Their natural cow curiosity and assertiveness didn’t work so well for them with that encounter either. 🙂

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