So I did

Stairway to heaven

(My view yesterday  while I worked)

Woke up yesterday morning to  drizzle.   I’d hoped to finish a metal roof on  our two-story garage.   The garage is an old house dating back to the 1870’s.  If we had the funds, it would make an awesome guest house.   Sloped ceilings in the second floor rooms. Old old wallpaper still on the walls. Blueish green antique doors.  A chimney that still works…..

and a family of raccoons that have moved into the attic.

I realized a few weeks ago, they’d put a couple of holes right through the roof into the attic, which explained why we were starting to get water stains in the ceiling of our storage room.



We were re-watching an episode of Downton Abbey last night.  There was going to be a cricket match between the house staff and the locals… Molesley (one of the footman) kept going on and on at how good he was at cricket….his dad had been a coach….it made me cringe listen to him toot his own horn.  I looked over at my wife and told her,If I ever start sounding like that...tell me! “

Sometimes in my desire to keep it real here, I want to write about  the good stuff that is going on in my life, (like the retaining wall job from last week.) But, then I start to second guess myself, lest I sound like a Molesley 🙂

Life is a mix.

I’m not interested in the sanitized version of your life.  If something good is happening, I want to hear about it.

And, if something has really got you vexed, I want to hear about that too.  Because my life is a mixture, hearing about how other people deal with things helps keep me sane.

I have some older friends that I consider pretty well grounded.  My favorite stories from them are about things that trip them up…and I want on that note, I am going to close with a recent event from my life.


I was approached a few years ago by XYZ. (a local store) They wanted to sell our apples through their venue.

Sure. Win-win  I thought.

Because it was a new business, in my desire to help them out, I suggested,  rather than getting paid,  I would spend what they owed me as in store credit.

Sure she said. Sounded great she said.

Well, we did it for two years,  but every time I stepped into the store, I sensed  an under-current of hurry/ hurry/ stress, stress.   This last season, I kept asking where we were at on the ledger sheet?   I would hear,

“I’ve written everything down..don’t have the exact total now….but I will.”

This happened multiple times. Got more awkward ever time I brought it up.  Finally I said, “Just cut me a gift certificate and  that will simplify things for both of us.”

Even that felt like I was pulling teeth.

Did I mention, the owner, sucked at returning phone calls, texts, etc.  Yea, well I finally called, left a message and said the following Thursday I would stop in and wanted to pick up the gift certificate.   I texted a reminder the day before, since no one ever picks up the phone when I called.   When I stopped in, the wife wasn’t there, but the husband mentioned she was up like at 5:30 that morning working on my total.

I sensed tension.

I’m thinking to myself, this is ridiculous.

Life is too short.

Selling apples is a hobby for me.

I am not even generating  that much income.

I refuse to put myself in a situation where there is tension every time I step through the door,  so I  decided earlier this summer, I had had enough.  I contacted the husband. Told him I was simplifying my life this Summer and would not be selling apples through their venue in the Fall.

That would give him plenty of time to line up another source for apples.

Well, there has been a $35.00 gift certificate attached to a magnet on the frig ever since.  I have not wanted to go back to the store.  Toyed around with giving it to someone else as a gift.

Then, the other day,  I thought, what the heck...that is my money.  Plus, they have delicious cheese in the store…and locally produced wine.  I am going to stop, and buy a block of delicious blue berry cheddar , and pick up a bottle of semi sweet Riesling Castle wine.   Then I am going to celebrate the completion of two very stressful projects.

So I did.








13 thoughts on “So I did

  1. Ummmm, $35? For two seasons worth of apples…I have to assume that was just a shot-in-the-dark, and rather a poor shot, based on incredibly bad (or non-existent) record keeping. Despite the great cheese, this would not find me inclined to recommend this store very highly.
    As to the tooting one’s own horn…good news is just that, good-and we need to read about positives right now I think given our societies flaws. You have never written in a self aggrandizing way Doug, only shared real truth with us. We will hold you accountable if you starting getting too loud with that horn 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    • No, The tab was a couple of hundred dollars a year..still just a fraction of my total sales :-0 Oh good, I don’t sound self promoting. 🙂 That is SUCH a put off!~ Absolutely call me out if you hear the horns…! I mean it.


  2. Oh, and yeah…I’d agree with Deb. Self-aggrandizing is absolutely NOT how I’d describe you. I think i would say, “down to earth,” generally.
    And there have definitely been times when I’ve been amazed with your willingness to share your “dirt,” i.e. vulnerabilities and imperfections. In my experience, that is not so common, and maybe even more uncommon in men? (We all have dirt, but a lot of us hide it under the rug, LOL).
    Great post, as always! And I know just what you mean about not bothering with tense interactions. Life is too short.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oops – hit the reply button too soon. Last couple of weeks I spent several days helping the service writer/bookkeeper at work tackle a ton of paperwork she was months behind on. She made a comment to the effect that she goes home every night feeling a failure that she can’t stay on top of things at work.
    I said ‘don’t put yourself down like that! You can’t stay on top of the work you need to do because you are expected to do the work of three people!’
    I used to own a garage – I know well what the issue is – the boss however, refuses to consider he might lose an employee. This woman busts her arse everyday – I would like to see her feel as though she should toot her own horn – I certainly wouldn’t think less of her for it 🙂

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  4. Agree with the other commenters — you have never come across as braggety-McBraggart. To the contrary! We’re similar spirits, I think, I’ll help anyone, too, but the minute it’s expected or -worse – taken for granted — I get my back up. 🙂

    And yummy cheese with a special wine? You go!

    looking at that picture makes me dizzy!! ~MJ

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yea, I was VERY glad to finish that roofing project. Even though it isn’t a big roof by most standards, there were enough danger factors to keep me on my toes (slippery, old roof had hidden holes, sharp metal, and height) Good to hear from you MJ! DM


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