Stoke’n the fire

There is a fire that burns most days, way down in the depths of my soul.

Not just figuratively, mind you, but literally.

This morning as I was going over my notes for a series of speaking engagements this weekend on local history, I  could  literally feel the burner kick in…..

On the gas water heater and furnace that heats our house, you can hear both of them when they get ready to fire up. There is a distinct sound as the igniter kicks in….then after the flame lights/ the fan kicks in…..


That fire (passion) burns 85 % of the time when I am at work.

It also burns on days like today, when I’m talking somewhere.

Not even sure why I’m telling you this…. 🙂

I’m speaking this morning @ 10:30 and again @ 1:45.  I will let you know how it goes.

Can you see the fire in this guys eyes?

Photo compliments of google

8 thoughts on “Stoke’n the fire

    • Day one is under my belt. 🙂 (I have a booth in the middle of a flee market with a half a dozen folding chairs set up,) At 10:30 and 1:45 I am scheduled to do a “book reading” (or presentation of my choosing) First event yesterday I had 3 ladies join me. Because of the noise level, I sat right in front of them and we had the best time. I just had to tune out what was going on around us. At the afternoon session, one of the three brought her husband back, plus half a dozen or so new faces. That one went almost as well. I was a little distracted, trying to change things up a little so the lady from the morning didn’t have to listen to the same stories twice. I’m selling autographed copies of my book on local history as part of it, I’ll be glad when I’m done. I feel a little like a musician trying to perform in a noisy bar. 🙂 DM

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