On Pause…well sort of :-)

I wanted to write a short note to those of you that have recently left  comments on my last couple of blog posts.  I apologize for not replying.   I do appreciate all of them.

My current construction project has been sucking the life out of me.

There is very little energy left @ the end of the day, and rather than spew a few empty words, I have felt quiet.

I guess you could say my blogs are on “pause.”


PS…here is a picture of my latest find:

A claw foot tub.

Found it on a local garage sale website for $60….$60!!! It was a desire of my heart…literally.   I just started pricing claw foot bath tubs, and was getting sticker shock.

Hoping to refinish it this winter.

Have any of you ever refinished a bathtub?  If you have I would love to pick your brain.  I have already watched several you tube video’s on how it’s done.


“A desire fulfilled is sweet to the soul.”

Later! DM



10 thoughts on “On Pause…well sort of :-)

    • The new ones are $1000 and up. Our current bath tub is some purple thing from the 1940’s…women love it (I hate it) Fortunately for me, you can’t get replacement parts for the faucet, and it has been leaking. It is time to go.

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  1. Nice price for sure. I tried finding one, and was seeing 400+… That killed that idea. I’ve been soaking in the evenings in an 80 gal stock tank filled with hose water. Cheap, easy plumbing, and quite satisfying after a hot day.

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    • Sounds perfect! Staying in the budget is also a prerequisite for any upgrades we do on the bathroom. The cast iron pipes in the basement are forcing my hand to work on it now and not later. …the floor in the bathroom has needed fixing now for several years. Amazing what you can do with a little duct tape 🙂

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