Iowa Nice

Daughter # 2  (Kathy) was heading home from work a year ago about this time of day when it happened.  She noticed the car in front of her begin to fish-tale.  Then quoting now, “chunks of rubber began  flying off.”   Kathy didn’t know who was behind the wheel, but instinctively pulled over to see if she could help.

Out stepped a young Korean woman, her hands were shaking.  Her name was Ling.

“What just happened?”   Ling asked Kathy

“Your back tire blew” she said.

“Do you have someone you can call?” Kathy asked.

Ling pulled out her phone, but because they were in a low spot, she didn’t have a  signal.

Ling was a music major, heading for a recital in Dubuque.  Kathy offered to stay with her until they could figure out what to do.   Kathy called a local towing company she knew.   They ended up taking car back to the shop to address the tire situation.  (Don’t tell anyone I told you this) but Kathy offered to pick up the tab on the tow. When the tow truck driver realized she was doing this, he knocked 50% off the total and told her, if she  brought him in a plate of home made cookies  he would call it even.

After the spare was put on the car, and a couple of the other tires  rotated, Ling was back on the road.  Kathy and Ling kept in touch periodically throughout last year.

Last week, Ling’s parents were stateside for  graduation.  They wanted to meet “the angel” who had helped their daughter the year before, and go out for lunch.

As a parent of three daughters myself, I can very easily put myself in their shoes.


Kindness is alive and well in Iowa.


14 thoughts on “Iowa Nice

  1. This made me so happy. You raised your daughter right, DM and MM…(I know she’s a grown-up now so I should really give her the credit, too, for making a choice, as an adult, to be an “angel.”) And I think Ling’s parents were raising her right, too 🙂 if their behavior is any indication. Good to hear about good people, life affirming it is!

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    • Yea, it encourages me when I hear the kids doing things like this. She has a job working with the public, especially the elderly, and I catch wind of how much she is loved. She reminds me of my mom in that way.


  2. Lovely. And I’m sure there are other stories out there like this, simple but powerful acts of kindness and humanity. Wouldn’t it be nice if this were all we heard on the news, even for one day? How about one day a week, or at least one day a month?! 🙂

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    • What triggered the idea to write this, was today the new readers digest came in the mail and one of the stories reminded me of Kathy’s encounter, reading it, gave me the warm fuzzies. I had forgotten I wrote about it before.😁 Just another indication the clutch is starting to slip.

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