Yea Baby…..

Earlier this winter, Jason asked me if I would be interested in bidding on a project no one else was interested in.

When we got to the job-site, I saw why.

There was between 40 and 50 foot of sidewalk needing  to be jack hammered out, then carried   75 to 100 ft by hand.

8 ton of concrete = 16,000 pounds.

There was not enough room to get a skid loader in.  Heck, we could barely get a wheelbarrow in between the bushes and the property line fence.  Everything would have to be done old school….ie.    Manuel Labor.

These kind of projects stir something inside of me.

The  challenge maybe?  🙂

Well, I got the job…..

Tuesday  was our first day.  The demo went better than I’d expected…so by early afternoon, all 16,000 pounds of concrete was in a pile next to the curb.  It was raining  Wednesday, but because there would be a check waiting for me once the concrete was gone, I, we pushed  and got it loaded.   My son John has been helping me…one of the things I really appreciate about all of the guys who have worked for me the past few years (That includes you Chris if you happen to read this) 😉  is these young men have had great attitudes  in spite of working conditions…not a hint of grumbling.

Growing up,  dad would say...”Don’t ask someone to do something you wouldn’t do yourself.”


Well today was “pour the new sidewalk day.”

I woke up this morning @ 4 AM.  Adrenalin, already coursing through my veins.  We couldn’t bring in the new concrete the way we removed the old…all of it had to be wheel-barrowed down a series of ramps and inclines.

Couple of hundred feet.

On top of all of the logistical challenges we had placing the new concrete, would you believe we got a cement truck driver with an attitude problem…..


I sensed it right away….didn’t say anything to the rest of the crew, but 20 minutes into the pour, Jason came up to me and said “The guy is a “blank-ity- blank.”  and he had half a mind to tell him to his face.

I suggested waiting until we were finished…

Minute later Jason commented on the aroma of the lilac bush we were working around.

“Focus on the smell of the  Lilac instead of the blankity blank truck driver, grasshopper.” I said with a smirk… 😉

“You are just like Splinter,” he said to me…

“Yes, and you are like Raphael the Ninja turtle.” I replied.

We laughed,  got all 16,000 pounds of new concrete placed without a hitch.

Splinter  Image by Google

I left that project around lunch time, stopped by our local Menards to get some landscaping block samples.  Would you believe, the guy at the contractors desk who waited on me, also had a bad attitude.   Since I was still basking in the afterglow of getting that concrete poured, there was no way, I was going to let that get under my skin…and it didn’t.

I did get home early (and exhausted.)

Told my wife at supper time, today felt like I’d run through an obstacle course.

I can already tell you, I will sleep like a baby  tonight.

Later- DM


19 thoughts on “Yea Baby…..

  1. Every part of my body hurts just reading about this, but I’m not surprised at all that you took this project on DM, nor surprised that you chose to see the positive in all of it. Congratulations on a job well done 🙂

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  2. It is delightful to read a post like yours. Aside from being an excellent contractor, you are a true humanitarian. I may not know you personally so I will admire you and your character from where I sit, which is here at my desk. Kudos to you and thank you for making my heart smile. ☺☺

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    • And your comment made me smile 😉 Your first name is Patricia correct? Thanks for stopping by! We lived in Northern New Jersey from 1985 to 1990 when our kids were little. I still have fond memories of that season of our lives. DM


    • You guys had a massive workout a few weeks ago. I was vicariously exhausted just reading about those multiple lock and dams back to back. Glad that is done!!!


  3. Brute strength isn’t an issue for me, but detail work can be. Faced with stripping and revarnishing louvered doors or tables made of grating with one-inch squares can leave me a bit — reluctant.

    As for those folks with negative attitudes, there’s nothing more fun than smiling at them, and saying something pleasant. It either irritates them further, or brings a smile in return. Either can be enjoyable.

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    • Yea, that detailed work has a way of grinding me down. It happens when I’m trimming and things start to go south. I noticed the truck driver did lighten up a little by the end of the pour, but the guy behind the counter was just plain moody. I think that could get hard, day after day, waiting on dozens of people in the course of a day….with bad attitudes of their own.

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    • Now you’ve got me curious. I will have to borrow a fitbit from someone and see what I can see 🙂 Believe me, my “tude” is not always the best…but over the long term, there has been more “yea baby!” in my life than “that’s a bummer!”. 🙂

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  4. What is it with concrete truck drivers? They always seem to be bad-tempered. I have had my run-ins with them, when we were building our own home, and also when I was working with a real-estate development company. Maybe – because they are on a time-schedule – isn’t a load of concrete in a truck only good for so long?

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    • You are correct, there is a time component…although it is a few hours, not minutes..they just have to add water to the mix once it starts to set up. In this guys case, I sensed two things..he was lazy and he hates his job. JMHO. 😉 DM

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      • The reason I said he is lazy, is because he didn’t want to attach any of his extra shoots to the truck… (there are 3) because when we were finished he would then have to clean them…I can tell you right now if he would have pulled that attitude on my dad or uncle not only would they have reamed him a good one/ and his boss would have gotten an ear full as well.


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