Log Jam

If you enjoy writing, have you ever felt like you have a mental  log jam?   Words, ideas, half  baked developed thoughts   jammed in there so tight, nothing wants to flow….

That is a picture of my brain. 😉

So, since the words refuse to flow,  I  thought I would share with you some photos I’ve taken since January.

I am one of those people that love the four seasons, including winter.  Not trying to diss anyone, but give me in a pair of Carharts , warm pair of boots, a good stocking hat,  my 4 wheel drive (if I have to go somewhere)  then bring it on.

I am not alone.

Have you ever read the account of John Muir  going outside as a thunderstorm rolled in on the west coast?  How he climbed a big pine tree so he could experience nature in all of her fury?

Well, you won’t catch me climbing any pine trees, but I have been known to go outside more than once in a blizzard just for the experience…


We had a beautiful ice storm late February:

Ice on the fence


Ice on a corner post

Then, before you know it, it  was March.

Sunrise in the orchard

Then April:

Our first hive in the distance

I uploaded this picture from my phone a week ago. Google photo took the liberty to send me that edited version.

Our version of cherry blossoms  is when our apple trees are in bloom… They usually last at least a couple of weeks.

Apple blossoms

You know Spring has arrived when the morels start popping.

Last week , found my first batch:

Finally, we have 4 laying hens.   When they are stressed or not getting enough  sunlight, they  stop laying…well you can see by this last picture we have turned the corner on winter….


Another (4) egg day! 🙂

I always think of Robert Fulghum’s story Not Even Chickens, when I go out to look for eggs.

I am a rich man.

I have 4 chickens. 🙂


18 thoughts on “Log Jam

      • All governed by price Doug, but shared equity property, flats, park homes and retirement complexes will be avoided. We’re hoping for something with one, maybe two bedrooms, a garden for our veg and Maggie with somewhere to park the car off the road. Doesn’t sound much to ask does it? Property prices here are ridiculous though but there are some around in our price range in other areas so we’re pretty optimistic.

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  1. You take the prettiest photos! You would have really enjoyed the backpack trip I took last month to REAVIS Ranch. Super beautiful in the middle of the wilderness. Elisha Reavis claimed his property in the middle of the Superstition Wilderness in the mid 1800s. He was a bit of a hermit. Moved out here from Indiana or Illinois. One of those I States. He was a school teacher turned homesteader. He built his ranch, including apple orchard and vegetable garden and sold his wares around the area. Talk about rich. I totally thought of you when I came upon the blooming apple trees 😊 I posted a video over on the blog.

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