Fired Up


This morning  I read an article titled 5 ways total strangers can make your trip better

It reminded me of one of my all time favorite conversations with a complete stranger….

It happened like this….

We were  visiting our eldest daughter in Wisconsin.  Lunch time rolled around and  daughter suggested we needed to visit her new favorite place to eat……

The deli @ her hometown grocery store.  (I love that girl!)

So we piled in the van and headed into town.

Everything was just as she promised.

Broasted chicken, fish, roast beast,  fresh watermelon, strawberries, salads, dark roast coffee, etc. etc.

The only thing they didn’t have was adequate seating.  As we stood there weighing our options I worked up the nerve to ask a  businessman sitting at a table by himself..“Would  he mind if we joined him?”

“Not at all!”

So we grabbed another chair and the (5) of plopped down next to him.

Community building started right away…

Who we were, what brought us to town, yada, yada…

And how about him?….turned out he worked as an engineer for one of the bigger businesses there in town… more small talk…he loved his job…  yada yada… and then somehow we stumbled across his current passion…

Brewing artisan beer in his garage.

One question led to another…

It was fascinating.

We were introduced to  the microbial  world of beer fermentation (and none of our party even drinks beer).

You could feel the energy around the table. There was a genuine sense of connectedness and letting down of our guards.

Then before we knew it, it was time to go our separate ways.


That sense of connection is the main reason I blog. It has created opportunities to get to know people I otherwise would have never met…

and at a level that is virtually impossible to get to any other way. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the type of topics we  interact over. Last count, Mrs DM and I have met seven of you in person, some of you more than once.

Without exception, you have all been exactly as I would have expected..except better.  Each time, it has felt like I was meeting a long-lost relative.

So tell me, If I was sitting @ the deli table with you right now, and  asked, What is something you enjoy that gets you fired up what would it be?

I really do want to know! DM




44 thoughts on “Fired Up

  1. DM, I so relate to everything you have written, especially now that community for us is others on the road like ourselves. That is sometimes tricky for me because I have a hard time saying goodbye to people with whom I connect. But it’s all part of it…letting go, moving on…and then crossing paths down the road, maybe.

    What fires me up: Spectacular scenery like we saw this morning on a scenic drive in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. A golden pink sunset over the desert. A full moon rising over the desert. Being out of the snow. Visiting with old friends who came from Phoenix yesterday to visit us at our campsite. Making a difference. Politics. (HA Ha…that really fires me up, but not so pleasantly as the above.) And writing well fires me up.

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  2. Fired up hey, well let’s see. I love old things, as in antiques and old homes, although older humans are pretty nice as well. I have a strong feeling that I once was a Victorian woman since I have an overwhelming and possibly borderline obsessive, desire to purchase, renovate, decorate and live in a Victorian home.

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  3. Doug, I do get fired up just about anything, but especially about this topic, meeting wonderful people on the road. 🙂
    Couple weeks back I walked out in the snow and saw a gentleman across the street from our rental cottage shoveling. I offered him to help. He smiled, danced a bit (twice my age) and he started telling me stories how he skis 40 miles to Grand Canyon then trecks down the canyon and back. I had nothing more to say about shoveling. 🙂

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    • sounds like he should be shoveling your snow. 😉 Age really is relative. Assuming I don’t kick the bucket and live about as long as my grandpa, I anticipate living a vigorous life at 80. Staying physically active is one of the ingredients.

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  4. Love that someone else calls it roast beast! 😉
    I liked this a lot. I shared it on Ben’s blog ( since his latest had to do with travel.
    Interesting how sometimes blogs align so well…
    I’m traveling soon and will employ some of these techniques!

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    • Absolutely call it roast beast 🙂 Was talking to Mrs DM about this, and wondered what other words like that I use. How is the house project coming along? What phase are you at currently?


      • I posted two comments, one here and one on Ben Hewitt’s blog, to link the two most recent posts. I thought they were related, and thought people reading one would be interested in the other, especially his readers reading the Times article I linked to. Both comments had links in them, but neither actually posted. I guess they were auto flagged for the links? Oh well, no worries. I thought I’d ask.

        The house… For various reasons, January was a very slow month. I accomplished almost nothing on the house in that time. I’ve sheathed the outside and covered half of it in tarpaper, and finished all interior partition walls. I’m starting to run electric. I’ll email you… at some point. I’d have to type it on my phone… 😉

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  5. I had my first meeting with a reader of my blog yesterday. She first emailed me back in the summer, and we have kept up a correspondence ever since. Turns out she lives less than 10 miles from me. Anyway, I mentioned you and that you have met a number of your online connections. These connections can last a lifetime.

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      • Oddly – accounting. I did my own books years ago when I owned a garage – but inputting numbers into a program that does everything for you, isn’t really ‘accounting’. I’m very aware that I won’t be able to do the job I do now – forever. I get tired of the heavy lifting and always beating my hands up. 🙂

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        • That is quite a change from transmission rebuilding, although both require an attention to detail. I am pursuing my commercial drivers license for the same reason…(won’t be able to do the job I do now forever) climbing around on 2 story roofs is still fun now but @ some point my balance and strength are going to become a factor.

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  6. Just yesterday, at a busy supermarket near my office, I was paying for my lunch and an older gentleman made conversation about the beautiful warm weather we were having ~ I saw the twinkle in his eye when I smiled and responded and, after we both paid, we stood and talked for just a few moments more. There’s an ache in people that I feel and respond to -a desire to be seen, heard, and connected. I encounter it more with older people – that need for connection combined with a go-for-it-time’s-a-wasting attitude. When I experience I just roll in it – and those simple conversations take me right back to my hometown and the old guys eating pie at the rink, sipping coffee and commenting on the world’s activities. So if I could pull up a chair there now – I’d happily refill their coffee cups, smile, and lean in for the ride! Cheers MJ

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  7. I am realizing more recently that most things can get me fired up. I think I am destined to be a Jack-of-All-Trades for life (I sometimes think this is one of the reasons I relate to you, DM– because you are clearly a man of multiple enthusiasms, too). I like making almost anything, fixing almost anything (not so keen on electricity, though, due to a bit of a phobia left-over from our pop-up camper with a metal stair that gave a shock anytime you went in or out). At various times I have gotten really fired up about weaving, making soup, making bread, making dinner, making breakfast, repairing tile, fixing the plumbing, hammering things together, gardening, jewelry-making, sewing (including the litte-known “joy of mending while watching the BBC show ‘Call the MIdwife’ “), making “nature foods” (acorn muffins and dandelion wine), making cards, writing letters…well, you get the picture. I also get (literally) fired up by coffee, and big natural settings without people…any place that reminds me of just how grand and astonishing the world outdoors is, any place where I most naturally “feel God” and also feel my place in the world. Thank God there is so much I get fired up about! (I didn’t even get into people and how much I love a few– and how fascinating almost ALL of them are…or animals, for that matter!)…makes me sure I will have plenty to be interested in until my dying day!

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  8. We took a break from Call the Midwives…started watching
    The Crown and Victoria….got to have our BBC fix you know what I mean ;-). I remember you bringing us a loaf of home made bread when we met you that Christmas we were in the Big Apple. good to hear from you Lisa. DM

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