Fallow field just outside my window

Fallow: Dormant, Inactive.

Fallow field: Intentionally giving a field a rest, a break from crop production, in order to replenish soil moisture and nutrition.

The same can apply to writing…. whether I am writing  a blog post or a book…

          “for he thought I was idle…. perhaps I am,  and perhaps I am not.  He forgot that a plowman’s mind wants to lie fallow a little, and can’t give a crop every year….”                                                                                                                              John Plowman






4 thoughts on “Fallow

  1. I suppose, if one depends upon their writing to keep them financially stable, then lying fallow for too long will clearly cause hardship. For those who approach the written page, or computer keyboard, on a more casual basis, sometimes the words just aren’t there, or they need some puzzling through before they can make themselves known to the world. Or, like myself, it takes a great deal of picking and choosing on what goes out to the world, or not, but I can attest to the fact that while others may not see my thoughts on screen, the wheels are always turning and grinding and thrashing about…

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  2. At least fallow is still a viable word in the US.
    Fallow in the UK farming world is one quick crop of soil food, 3 tonnes of nitrates, a quick bomb with bug and weed control agents and you’re good to go for the next few seasons.

    I asked a tenant farmer about it and got told,
    “We aren’t farmers anymore, just producers of product the cheapest way we can.”
    So I asked “But what about the land”.
    The reply? “Banks don’t care”.

    Know what?
    I’m thinking neither do a lot of top 10 prolific writers.
    Thus after a while nothing new emerges and the plot is always the same.
    No rest, jumbled minds, fall back to a standard money making plot.
    The publisher looking remarkably like the farmers bank.

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  3. Perhaps idle, perhaps not.

    Just as a fallow field may appear idle, when in fact it is busy doing important and essential work, so with the writer.

    This is a appropriate and timely reminder to me.

    For a couple of months this winter I was mocked by El Diablo Blanco, the blank white reminder of my fallowness. But over the last few days words have been pouring out and I’ve come to realize that the plowman’s mind just hadn’t been ready–it needed to lie fallow a while longer.

    We have to honor the need for rest and rejuvenation, I think.

    Great post DM. May your fields be fertile.

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