Checking out the checkout….

Over the next couple of weeks, I (DM) will be sharing this platform with a few guest writers from time to time.  There is still time to get your name in the hat if you’d like.
Wanted to thank Pensitivity101 for being the first one to get back to me on the offer…. She and her hubby hail from across the pond. (England)


Checking Out The Checkout
One of our past times is people watching, and there is nothing more fascinating than watching someone else’s shopping going through the scanner. I confess I’ve got really nosy and if I have time, will get behind the person with the fullest trolley just so as to see what they are buying and how much their bill is at the end.

Usually you can tell the family Mom doing the weekly shop, crisps, bottles of pop, biscuits, bumper pack of loo and kitchen rolls, several loaves of bread, veg, fruit, meats, milk by the gallon, chocolate type cereals etc. Weekly bill around £125 -£150 for a family of four I’d guess.

Single people tend to buy for a couple of days at a time, and those in a hurry just pick up whatever they pass en route to the check out.

I have noticed lately that more wrinklies (OAPs) are buying bottles of wine or spirits.

We always chat to the checkout staff as they’re processing our purchases, and I sometimes wonder what they, or those in the queue behind us, make of it.
Somehow 4 packs of rice, 3 packs of pasta, 6 cartons of UHT milk and some fruit don’t exactly give you visions of an appetizing meal. In a way it was so much better in the cottage as we would buy 24 cans of tomato soup (9p per tin at the time), 36 cartons of milk, 12 tins of spam,  12 corned beef, a dozen packets of instant mash and instant custard, take full advantage of the three trays of meat for a tenner (at least 14 meals), 12 cans of pineapple, 12 cans each of potatoes, carrots and peas, 12 cans of baked beans, 3 boxes of cereal, a tray of 30 eggs, plus the pasta, rice and spaghetti. Our bill would be around £60 (oh those were the days) but then that would have been our basic month’s shopping and anything else later would just be topping up. The highest One Shop bill was just under £70, but then that included the washing agents and toiletries.

Food prices here are on the way up, and we can’t take advantage of the multi buys like we used to as we simply can’t store them. I am trying to keep our weekly bill down to around £25 -£30. Maggie’s food has been in short supply for a few months, and now it’s back on the shelves with new wrapping (but not less weight, yet), it’s gone up by over £1 a bag. If we see it on special, we buy at least two, as one 2.7kg bag will last her just under a month.

Veg is still relatively cheap though, but going back to the beginning of my message here, Paul’s digestive system can’t cope with too much of the healthy stuff. Stew is on the menu again, but this week I’m really pushing the boat out and we shall have meat in it (cue chop for about 70p) !


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