Baby Steps



Dear reader of this blog,

I wanted to  plant a seed in your heart….

I would like to ask you to consider writing a guest post.  If you’re a blogger, you can link it to your blog (if you want) or write anonymously…and no one (but me of course) would know who you are…Topic would be completely up to you.  Only stipulation is, that it is fresh, not something you’ve had laying around in your archives, or something you wrote 6 months or 20 years ago and that it not be negative or snarky.

If you’ve never blogged, then this would be the perfect way to share something, near and dear to your heart on the Internet without having to create a blog…

think baby steps. 😉

No pressure what so ever, but if the idea does stir something inside of you, don’t just blow that off.  Shoot me an e-mail or leave a message and we can talk more.



Baby step image compliments of google.


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