Pregnant Females

I have spent the last three days working around a dozen pregnant females.

Yesterday one went into labor.

I felt at home with all of those hormones in the air.

Growing up, there were babies being born almost monthly.

Learned  about lactation,  the importance of  colostrum, the discomfort that comes with a case of mastitis….

I’ve seen  my share of placenta’s….

I was telling my son this morning about the time I helped with a cesarean.

She (the patient) was awake  through the whole procedure.

I can still see the Dr take his scalpel and make the incision.

Ended up using some kind of gizmo to get the little stinker out when he couldn’t pull it by hand…the baby was too slippery.


I didn’t realize at the time, just how much I was  absorbing growing up on a dairy farm. 😉











17 thoughts on “Pregnant Females

    • The vet gave her a local anesthetic..I really don’t think she was all that stressed out…if she would have been, we would have known it. (kicking/ thrashing, etc)


    • Awe. I love Guerney’s..they have the gentlest personality. (at least the ones I knew) 😉 How in the world did you get in on that experience? Did you have family/ or friends that farmed? I don’t remember you ever telling this story. You need to blog about it! 🙂 DM

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      • My boyfriend showed dairy cattle and raise a small herd. Jersey and Guernsey. I was there when one went into labor. THEN, for a brief period in college I was an animal science major… Clipping piglet tails ended that for me. 😉


  1. I am at once excited to have cows, and intimidated by the responsibility of caring for such a large animal. I guess it’s good that’s years away, and we will have other animals before then…

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    • Having milked a house cow for a good year, before getting a whole herd, and investing in milking machines…I would suggest finding some like minded neighbors, (if I were entertaining getting a milk cow) and sharing the responsibility. Having a milk cow is a twice a day, 365 day a year commitment (except for those few months when you dry them up, in preparation for the next calf.


      • We understand the commitment (on paper) and it would probably work for us without too much life changes. We lead a pretty small life as it is. But like I said, its a few years away. We shall see… My wife is pleading for goats first.

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        • I would listen to your wife 😉 You’d get the same benefits w a fraction of the investment. (your own fresh milk, with which you can drink , make cheese, etc. (plus milking a goat would take a fraction of the time as well).

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