Heads Up

From the mid 1990’s until 2007, I used to write the stuff like I write here, in an e-mail that went out to several dozen people from all over the place.  There was still the interaction, just in a different format.  Then I discovered blogging.

Wanted to let those of you that are regulars know I am  pulling the plug on this blog (heart to heart) sticking it in the archives and going back to e-mail interaction.  I plan to keep my farm blog up and running just because there are things happening on the farmstead I want to write about yet.

I have to write.

And I want to write in such a way I don’t have to second guess or censor what I write.

I’ve written a couple of things recently that after posting, stuck them back in the archives for various reasons……

I told someone recently, whenever a blogger I have interacted with suddenly falls off the Internet without notice and I have no way of knowing how to get in touch, it always makes me sad.  Even though I’ve never met most of you in person , in many cases you have become as dear to me as  family.

So, here’s the skinny.   There is absolutely no pressure on you to get your name in the hat for the new format.



I hate that when I feel someone manipulates me like that

Absolutely hate it.

If you are interested in getting those e-mails,  shoot me an e-mail.  Most of you that are reading this are bloggers anyway, and my e-mail contact would be on a comment of mine. If for some reason, you don’t have my e-mail and want to sign up, by all means leave a comment here and I will grab your e-mail off your comment.

Most of us have such full busy lives it’s hard to stay on top of reading we want to do.  I get that.

I still plan to read and interact with those of you that have blogs, so I’ll be around.

I’ll  keep this last post up for a week then..poof..this blog will be archived.

The times they are a changing….


view throught the walking trail #2

Sunset behind our barn

Photo by DM


33 thoughts on “Heads Up

  1. I’m sorry to hear this, Doug, but I definitely understand where you’re coming from. I’ll watch for you on your other blog. Best of luck with your writing and with the multitude of other activities you’re involved with.

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  2. This blog has been an anchor, a “home base” for me. We have never met but your writing and words, reflect and enhance mine. I will miss this blog. I know that someday in eternity I will find you and thank you in person for the encouragement and perspective I have found here. God’s blessing to you and yours. I will look forward to the occasional email from you. David M .Lee (dml138227@aol.com)

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  3. DM, this is one of my favorite blogs and I will miss it greatly. If I had to describe this space in one word, it would be: calm. You bring peace to me with your words, and I would love to keep reading them. I know we emailed a few times, but I am having a hard time finding you still in my list so, please include me in your list. Just in case–dtecca59@gmail.com

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  4. I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog for a number of months now…found it through comments you left on other blogs I read. I will miss it and don’t know the url of the farm blog is so I’d like to be added to the email list.
    As an aside have you thought of continuing the blog but not leaving it public? Perhaps you could only allow access by those that comminicate their desire. Just a thought. Perhaps an email would simply be easier! In any case best wishes from Italy!


  5. DM, two things…a) I absolutely want to get emails. b) despite what we talked about earlier, i have to echo what others have said…your blog is both a big treat and a place of calm to me. I will be sad to see you archive this and can hope for u to change your mind. 😉 .
    I also have some fears that somethings I’ve said have contributed to your decision to close up shop, and if there is any truth to this, I must echo what others here have said: “no, don’t go!”
    …but in the e of course, do what YOU need to do. Just don’t lose my email address. 🙂

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    • Got you on the list. 😉 I wish you lived closer. We really need to sit down and do coffee. Thank you Lisa for your kind words of affirmation. That is definitely one of your gifts. DM

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    • For me, it’s never been about numbers..ie. number of people who might read my scribblings. I get more out of blogging than anyone. It is an outlet so I don’t have to keep things bottled up, it is an anvil. ie. put the stuff out there for all to see and as you and others have come along side and taken the time to speak into my life, itt helps me hammer out things that have got me stuck. blogging in a public setting like this, well, I find myself having to sensor either what I write about (sometimes) or what I say. The e-mail format doesn’t feel the same. Anyone on the list has asked to be on the list,and I’m still hoping for interactions…. so if you have been encouraged by my writings in the past, and I know you have ….then hearttoheart in the e-mail format should be even better. 🙂

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