Pay Dirt


Couple of years ago, my aunt Rosie gave me a a cardboard box filled with hundreds of 35 mm slides her aunt Annie had taken before she died.  The pictures are mostly from Germany, Ibiza and  who knows where else  ???  A handful are from her trips to America in the early and mid 1960’s.

If you’ve ever spent any time holding old slides up to the light, looking at images of old buildings, and people you don’t know, until your neck hurts, and your brain starts shutting down, then you’ll have an idea what I was feeling last night  until……

Until I hit pay dirt.

Bingo…I saw  some familiar faces.

Even found a few  new ones with me in them.

Here are a few of my personal favorites:


Rock’n the Lederhosen

(That’s my mom on the left, then me, my brother and cousin Carol.  I can still feel those stiff leather lederhosen chafing against my legs. )


Picture of my dad picking ear corn 

Doing the math, dad would have been about 37 here…about the same age as my eldest daughter. That is just surreal. 🙂

Butch and Feedie

Butch and Fede  

These guys are my grandparents two farm dogs.   My aunt Rosie said this about Butch and Fede  when I posted this on Facebook last night:

“If either of them heard the word “Pickup” ; they would be there before we would… was funny… Butch was a b’day gift to Johnny for his birthday one year and Fede just happened to come around the farm and we adopted him”


Re-thatching a  house roof in the old country

I have no idea where that house is or who is on the roof.  Not sure if Annie took that picture because there was a family connection or just because it was a scenic shot.  It doesn’t matter.  😉  It made the cut.

Good thing I didn’t just pitch the box.  You can’t tell who or where 95% of the pictures were’s that 5% that makes it all worth while.

I’ll close with one more.  If you’re a long time reader, you may have seen it before:


That’s me on the left, Aunt Annie and my brother Steve.  Same trip to America…1961?  Out on Grandpa and Grandma’s farm house porch.   Looks like they were still trying to dress me up.  Probably the last time I wore a bow-tie.



21 thoughts on “Pay Dirt

  1. What absolute treasures. I loved hearing the phrase “ear corn” again. It brought back so much: corn cribs, pheasant hunting in harvested fields, squirrel feeding, even finger-shelling an ear or two to fix dinner for my dolls. 🙂 There’s nothing like a corn field, green or dry. The nice thing about photos like this is that they help to keep our memories green.

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    • And your words, in turn stir memories for me…..shoveling ear corn into the sheller, the smell of gun powder (from hunting pheasants) the crunching of corn stalks under my feet)


  2. Great stuff. Regret to say it is unlikely anyone will find many (if any) photos of me in a family box, slides or otherwise. Now Hubby and I have our own box, and that is full of our life’s memories. In fact, you may recall I wrote a poem on it: ‘Life in a Box’ I think.

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      • Ha! I thought about that but didn’t want Mrs DM to get her feathers ruffled – IF she was the jealous type 😌
        M has been training for a marathon and is literally running all of the time. Work is super freaky crazy for him too, so I don’t see him except at dinner (most of them late) then he’s off to bed so he can get up at 400 am, rinse, repeat…😕
        I will definitely tell him hello for you – he will be pleased you were thinking of him.

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        • She’s not the jealous type..I’ m the one with that issue 🙂 Wow…marathon training…can’t imagine. I still have “run a mile non-stop” on my bucket list (yet to do)


    • It is. Which is why I started keeping an annual journal w/ highlights of my year, including a few pictures….so some day, I will have them to help jog my memory on the highlights of my life.

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  3. Neat that you can find yourself in the photos – we have a lot of great shots we’ve inherited but the sad part is when we don’t know the people in the photos – sad b/c someone thought enough of them to snap the picture. Good stuff DM! MJ

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