At the beginning of the day, when I was working for Jeffrey P. we would meet at his shop.  At the time, we were building  twenty to twenty five custom built homes a year. There were a dozen of us on the crew.   We did everything except the plumbing and electric.

I enjoyed the work.  Jeff would regularly allow me to pick which house I framed next, and who would work with me….

I enjoyed all of the guys on the crew except one….

Jeff’s brother in law Al.

Now I had never met Al before in my life.  He was about my age.    Short of stature and a big mouth.  He loved to stir up trouble.  There could be four or five of us working together, getting along beautifully, and then Al would join the crew, and the backstabbing, nit picking, and the not getting along would start.

When Al wasn’t around, 90% of the drama left with him.

I miss Al like a tooth ache.

It has been over twenty years  since I’ve worked with Al….


I was reminded of Al again this morning when I saw some stuff on my news feed about the latest drama, about a football player refusing to stand for the national anthem… this morning,  a group of veterans were saying they supported so and so’s right to express his opinion.

I don’t want to talk about whether or not so and so should or should not stand for the national anthem, because next week it will be something else…then something else, then something else….

Since Al was so well connected, there was no getting rid of him.

I could choose to not get sucked into his games.


So to all the Al’s sitting behind newsroom desks this morning  where you are deciding whether or not to stir things up… really do need to find another job.   Get some counseling while you are at it.

The world really can be an awesome place, most of the time, contrary to what you are trying to do to us by fanning the flames of conflict and strife.

Most  of the people in my life really are good willed folk, who, when given a chance, will  do the right thing by me.

For every “Al” in the world, who likes to cause trouble, there are a hundred  who do not.



8 thoughts on “Al

  1. “Clickbait” is the word of the day. With so much depending on clicks, likes, and such, the more titillating or scandalous the headline, and the more emotion-provoking the story, the better: at least for the bottom line.

    Of course, in the days of television news and print newspapers, there still was the saying: “If it bleeds, it leads.”

    In the end, we have the choice to read or to listen — or to respond. Less response eventually could lead to changes, but I’m not holding my breath for that. Too many people love the feeling of being outraged.

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    • I get that..if it bleeds it leads…that’s one thing…it’s a whole nother (sp?) thing to intentionally stir the pot to cause discord and strife…to intentionally try to get people riled up is irresponsible and worse. Had not heard that word before (clickbait) thanks for popping in! Always appreciate your thoughts Linda . DM


  2. I think all the ‘Al’s’ who are bent on stirring the pot – should stand up for the damn anthem (and I’m Canadian) – there are many other ways to draw attention to any cause than thumbing your nose at the flag and causing division among team mates and fans.
    And you’re right – next week it will be something else. 😊

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  3. Pointing out how the Big Als vastly outnumber the Little Als, you changed the game. You addressed my question if anyone else wonders that people may actually have forgotten we all choose what and to whom we listen. Good post!

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