Morning Commute

As I went through an intersection this morning on the way to work, I thought I heard something roll off the top of my tool box and hit the pavement…like a metal pipe.

I quickly checked my side mirrors to make sure all of the tool box doors were shut (they were) and continued on for  two more minutes…

Then it dawned on me.  The aluminium  handles from my siding break would make that kind of sound. (They are  a round pipe attached  by cotter key’s so they shouldn’t be popping off)

But just to be sure,  I pulled off to check.

Sure enough, the back handle was missing…. sitting in the middle of an intersection, two miles back 😦

It was 7:30 AM, on a Friday morning, right in the middle of  work traffic.

I  called my co-worker to let him know what I was doing and would be a few minutes late.

When I got back to the intersection,  there it was, right in the middle of the road..a four way intersection where two major highways cross. Traffic clipping through there at  a healthy 35 mph.

“This will be interesting,” I thought to myself as I sprinted over to the first median. Looked both ways, then made a bee-line for the handle. The cars closest to me were stopped for a red light, so I  ran back  across 4 lanes of traffic.

I smiled at the guys in the front of the line, as if to say.

“Don’t run me over OK ?” 😉





The rest of the day was equally intense.

We were working on a punch list for a newly sold condo for an elderly widow.

(A punch list is a list of misc. items needing to be taken care of when a house sells.)

I’d already swapped out two ceiling fans, installed a new kitchen  counter top, new sink, repainted several rooms…etc. Today’s list included two replacement windows, swap out a utility sink, hang three mirrors, install a set of vertical blinds, attach two thresh holds on a laminate floor, and hang two shelves above the computer.

I had hoped to get everything done before she moved in, but it didn’t work out that way.  The replacement windows were the biggest challenge.  I’ve put in several hundred of these over the years, so one way or the other, the window was going in. Well,  the old ones did not want to come out.  It is a brick condo, and the nailing fins were behind the brick.  I told my sister later, it was like pulling impacted teeth that had to be cut out, one chunk at a time. 😉

Nasty dirty work.

I went through a dozen saw-zall blades.

It took me twenty minutes   to figure out how to get the first window frame out…all the while my customer was sitting on the bed watching me.

After the first window was finally installed, the guy in charge of the general upkeep of the grounds stopped by and told me, the windows didn’t match the rest of the windows in the complex and were not going to work.  (Keep in mind I had several thousand dollars I needed to collect  on the completion of today’s punch list.)

I had matched the interior of the windows rather than the exterior, because there was more than one shade of brown throughout the neighborhood….

In the end, it all worked out.  I got my check.  Customer thanked me for doing a great job on everything.

It’s a good thing I love what I do.

How was your day?

I want details! DM



21 thoughts on “Morning Commute

  1. My day was not as physical as yours. I woke up at 5:00am and went to my computer to finish a short story I was writing. Showered, made my bed, put the kettle on for a cup of tea and returned to the computer. My granddaughter (who is 9) arrived about 8:00am and I made her waffles and sausage and we both had tea. I am caring for her during the day because she did not want to go to camp this year. I had an 11:20 Doctors appointment so off we went. After that we went to the store, now she was in her element. I picked up milk and some fruit, she picked up a couple of toys a package of markers, and blueberry muffins. We went home had lunch and then went bowling. She also informed me that the movie she wanted to see started today at the theater. I advised her that her grampi would take her next week. I vacuumed and she mopped my kitchen floor with the Swiffer wet mop (she loves to use that mop, don’t ask me why but I think it’s great!) We went to the pool for a couple of hours and she showed me her dives and we had a race across the pool. She won. We came back took showers and played Parcheesi, she won. Then she watched her favorite show on TV and drew and colored me a beautiful picture, which I hung up on the wall with all her other pictures. We call it her art gallery. About 5:00pm her dad came to pick her up. She gathered up her stuff (as she calls it) I walked her to the end of the hall (I live in a condo) and she went down the flight of stairs as I watched from the window in the hall, as she opened the car door she looked up and said; “I love you Nonni.” I told her I loved her too and off she went. I went back to my condo and took a nap, at 73 I needed one.

    You did say you wanted details. :o)

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    • You sound like an awesome Nonni! I am struck by how “present” you are to her..she not just someone who is tagging along in your life, but you and her are actively doing things together.

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  2. Didn’t anyone teach you that it’s not a good idea to go running around through traffic DM 😉
    It was my very first full morning without the cat to wake me so I slept until almost 6 AM and felt as if the whole day was gone. Even before eating I threw on some clothes and started our sprinklers, as well as the neighbors. They have been on a cruise to Alaska this week so I am keeping their plants alive. It’s about 90 degrees here, like so many other places, which is just too high for us. I love being outside so early in the morning, watching the sun rise and meandering around the yard. After a bowl of cereal I cleaned up, took off to the bank and to get groceries. Lots of salad ingredients and fruit as I typically don’t like or want to eat much when it’s so hot. I did make up a few meals for the weekend: a sausage-potato-onion-apple mix and more tuna cakes.
    Oh, I also organized my daily meds -vitamins and one BP pill- into the handy 1 week ‘Pill a Day’ container.
    After a short lunch, and a little peach cobbler ice cream, I pulled all the curtains to keep the sun out, watched a bit of TV, thought about wrapping up my granddaughters birthday present, but didn’t, played some Jane Austen on the computer, watched the news and had a salad for dinner, then around 7 PM went upstairs and watched an episode of Upstairs- Downstairs, the latest series I’ve been watching.
    Thankfully the worst thing that happened to me yesterday was that I mistakenly put my hand on a small slug clinging to a tree as I was attempting to turn the sprinklers on at the neighbors house. Gross enough, but I definitely could move faster than that slug so no worries about getting crushed or broken or worse…

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    • what’s the Jane Austen thing you are playing? I’m curious. We haven’t started watching the Upstairs-Downstairs series yet…how would you compare it to Downton Abby for example? I’m with you as far as early morning..when I can pull it off, it is my favorite time of the day…so peaceful and quiet.


      • Remember that post a while back, I think you read and commented on it, where I admitted to going back to Facebook to play a few games? The JA is one I found. You do needlework patterns, play Pride & Prejudice word search puzzles – all to earn money to purchase and decorate homes associated with Austen. It’s called Jane Austen Manors. I don’t know if it’s available anywhere else other than Facebook.
        As to US/DS – I liked Downton more I think. I felt more attached to the family as a whole and the separation of classes was so very pronounced in DA, and while class is still extremely emphasized in US/DS the downstairs staff is very loose with their positions and intermingling. It is set in the 30’s, very focused on precursors to WWII, diplomacy, colonialism, etc. but money and prestige are definitely the defining element. If you like period series then I would watch it as I think many of the historical and social aspects are interesting. I just started Season 2 last night.

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  3. Well, I didn’t have to play Frogger on a busy highway, for starters! Geez.
    I’ve slept in after staying up well past midnight watching old Project Runway shows and working on a rough outline for a story struggling to get past chapter two. My 10:00 am wake up today means all I’ve done is made decaf coffee, eaten my Honey Nut cheerios ( for the fiber of course), played with the cat that’s visiting, and have set a one hour limit for catching up with WordPress friends.
    The cat won’t eat the dry Cheerio piece I’ve given him, I’m not sure whether to spend the day remainder studying for a specialty exam or writing. It’s sunny outside – I should go to the neighborhood pool for exercise/relaxation, but I have this problem – I always have a punch list in my head of things that need to be done, practical things.

    I have the whole day – not on call for work today- so I’ll figure it out. I’m sure I’ll exceed the 1 hr post reading limit, but it’s all good.

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      • Well…it all started quite some time ago…yes – a draft is done.
        It’s a story about an egocentric nurse who has to lose a patient, have her license threatened, and get sick herself before she learns that humility won’t lessen her value, only make her take a second look at what’s most important to her.
        I got ten pages edited 😀

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  4. Your day sounds like something off a renovation show on HGTV. my day was actually pretty uneventful. Not much surgery in Tucson for a Friday afternoon. Just a lot of socializing with co-workers. And ironing out schedule and contract details – which was actually the most stressful thing to happen this week causing a minor anxiety attack even (my brain can only handle so much before tears overflow, like the rivers overflow in a flash flood. Ha!).

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    • Do you negotiate with the hospital directly, or do you work through that temp agency that you initially used when coming to AZ? (I was thinking you mentioned an agency you used to help you find work when you were still living on the other side of the country…)


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