You’ve Got Mail


I started writing letters  to a couple of  our kids who live out-of-town last fall. This spring I decided to make letter writing a more intentional part of my life in general…

I want to say, within the past three months, I have received at least a dozen personal letters and notes from all over the place….so there is that possibility, you yourself may get an occasional letter.  Don’t count on it, but it does happen. 😉

In spite of the fact that I now live in the age of e-mail, Facebook message, and who knows what other forms of Internet communication I am out of the loop on, there is something about  a personal letter in my mailbox that  gives me joy like nothing else.   Someone has taken the time to say….

“Thinking of you.”

“You are special.”

and occasionally “I love you! “

It is a  simple act that, continues to give (me) joy weeks and months after the fact.

 I learned on Saturday that one of our grand daughters was heading to camp for the week. She told me her mom was planning on writing her while she was there.

That took me  back in time.

I too went away for the week to camp when I was ten.  I can still remember walking daily to the candy store where personal mail would also be handed out.




I think it was finally on a Thursday, I got a letter from mom letting me know, her and dad were thinking about me. I can still remember the feeling of getting her letter forty years later.

My encouragement to you this morning, is to take some time today (or soon) to write that someone you’ve been thinking about writing.

You’ll never regret it, and the person on the other end..well, you will brighten their day.  DM

personal letters

Personal letters currently on my desk, next to my Pig pen cup.






20 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail

  1. I’ve always been a letter writer, and send one to my Mum every week, even though I know she’ll never write back. I can’t remember the last time I had a personal letter or even a post card. How times change. We’re not on FB, Twitter or any of the other social media, have an email account (mainly spam and adverts), and receive the occasional text message on our PAYG ancient mobile phone. Emails to family are rarely acknowledged, let alone responded to. In fact, I get more correspondence through my blog!

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  2. It is nice, and heartwarming, isn’t it – to receive real mail. I love nice stationary for little notes, and thoughtful cards that just say hello – yet I always hesitate to buy and send such things because I wonder if the people I would send such items to would really care, or just be polite in saying thanks while wondering silently…’why didn’t she just send an email… or better yet just text me…’

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    • I would encourage you to push those negative thoughts out of your mind, and splurge with more notes…we have a friend (whom I keep in touch w/ via e-mail) and she still sends us cute stationary in the mail 4 or 5 times a year…I love it 🙂

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  3. A very valid point. Fetching the mail isn’t fun anymore because the only thing that comes is junk or bills. But I always get cards from my mom at the holidays and birthdays and it is nice. I should send more letters or cards. 🙂

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