Until We Had One

I mentioned in my last post, I started replacing the siding on a home that I’ve worked at before.  The family has the gift of hospitality with a capital H. When lunch time rolls around, it is expected I join them.   Well today, the youngest girl informed me, she wanted to sit next to me because (and I’m quoting) “I wanted to sit by you, because I like you!”   (Her name is Corine, she’s two years old.)  As we sat there waiting for everyone to get a seat, she told me, she couldn’t wait to get back outside and play with her bubble toys.

For a two year old, I was struck by her vocabulary.     I asked  two of the older siblings later in the day who were helping me side, who she was most like compared to their other brothers and sisters.  They weren’t quite sure, said Corine could get “sassy” sometimes.

As a dad myself of four, I thought I spotted a strong willed temperament the first two minutes of meeting Corine, and their comments about their baby sister Corine, all but confirmed it for me. 🙂

Hang on mom and dad.  You may be in for a ride.  The next sixteen (to twenty) years might test your metal…..

I’d never heard of a “strong willed child” until we had one.

Well, it’s 1:44 AM where I am.  Mostly wanted to write about my new lunch buddy Corine.

She is a sweetie!

Any of you out there in parenting land have any strong willed children within your ranks currently or in the past?  Any tips you’d care to share for the tired mom or dad that might stumble across this muse at a later date? DM


5 thoughts on “Until We Had One

  1. Pick your battles. With two granddaughters now I have come to the conclusion that I spent way too much time trying to change behaviors in my kids that really weren’t that outrageous or horrific or whatever I was assuming them to be at the time. Kids need to have their opinions as well, and need to be heard – within reason and safety – and it just isn’t worth a constant struggle to try to bend them to our expectations…at least not all the time. Embrace sassy…you likely have no other choice in the matter if you want a child who will grow up to be independent, creative, and interested in the world.

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  2. I would probably call my girl strong willed. I have learned while homeschooling her -and in other areas- it’s better if I just hold on and enjoy the ride. When she gets her mind set to do something, I let her go with it, support her the best I can and use it as my guide in teaching her. I find she ends up being my teacher as much as I hers. Would love to hear your advice!

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  3. My daughter was a pip but she turned out fine. Her first daughter who is now nine was and is an ideal child. I thought she would get paid back but she lucked out. However along came Madison, her second child. Auburn red curly hair and a spirit to match. Just like her mother :o).
    God is good.
    This might make you smile. Her sister Michaellas friend was all excited because she was going to be a big sister. I heard her telling Michaella how she was going to play with her impending sister, and help feed her etc. Michaella stood there and listened to the whole thing, and then said to her friend. “Just pray that she is not born with red hair.” I laughed for days over that one.

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