The house is still quiet.

This morning we are starting a new project, residing a house with hail damage. Insurance company could not find matching siding, so what should have been a 3 day job has suddenly turned into two  weeks.  I’ve worked for this family several times in the past, they have 8 kids ranging age from just a couple of years up to 20.  It is understood when we work there, they feed us lunch.

Here’s a portion of something I wrote last time I worked on this farm:


“You can sit by me if you like,” Jarret said to me at lunch today.

“Do you know why I asked you to sit by me?”, he asked.

“No, Why do you ask me to sit by you?” I replied.

“Because I like you! “he said with a shy smile.

Jarret is 4 years old.

He has been asking me to sit by him now for the past three weeks.

Our crew is building a shop at their farm.

They feed us lunch every day.

When I sit down at their  14 ft farm table  I think,...this is what it must have felt like to be a part of a large threshing crew..

dinner-for-threshers-unframed-center - Copy

Grant Wood’s Dinner For Threshers


Today lasagna  was on the menu.

Yesterday I thought  Jarret’s mom had asked if I wanted a piece of “cheese cake” for desert?
“Yummy I said..I love cheese cake…!

“No” she replied, I said  “sheet cake”

Whoops 😉

Well, today, guess what we had for desert?

Cheese cake topped with a blueberry filling.

I had to pry the guys away from the table today….

They did not want to go back to work.

John said it was the best tasting lasagna he’d ever had.


I work with a great bunch of guys.

The morale on this crew is second to none.

Nothing worse than working around someone with a bad attitude.

At this point in my life, when I’m looking to hire someone, the numero uno thing I am looking for is  ATTITUDE.

I don’t care if you don’t know how to properly hold a hammer or read a tape measure.

I can teach you those things.

What I really detest is a whiner, someone with a dark cloud following them around.


Jarret’s comments were still rolling around in my head when I got home from work tonight. (Heck, they are still rolling around in my head 3 years later) 😉

There is just something serendipitous about a 4-year-old   requesting that I be his lunch buddy 3 weeks in a row.

I will miss Jarret when the job is done…

Heck, I will miss the whole family…

Here is a picture of the shop we’ve been working on:


End view of shop


The word hospitality literally means “a lover of strangers.”

More caught than taught I would think.

I am excited to be on the receiving end of some good old fashioned hospitality the next few weeks.

I’ll let you know what we have for lunch as the job progresses.


Have you ever heard of  the term “threshing crew” and any idea what that would have looked like? What’s the closest thing to a threshing crew you have ever been a part of?







12 thoughts on “Hospitality

  1. Lovely post, Doug. In fact, I have been part of a threshing crew, although not a very big part. When we had our farm in the 70s, we had a field of oats on a few occasions. Our neighbour with the harvesting machinery would go from farm to farm to oversee the harvesting of the oats, and then we’d tend to the remaining straw, just as with bringing in the hay. Those were long, physically challenging days for the men, and brought a huge sense of accomplishment when everything was safely in the barn.

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  2. I’d sit next to you too!
    Love this story and that your client is making you delicious lunches. That just makes me SMILE.
    (FYI – I couldn’t see any of your photos. I mention it because one of my recent posts had that problem for followers and because I could see the images fine from my end, I had no idea there was a glitch.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • thank you for the heads up on the photos. I will see if I can revise them. BTW for lunch we had home made bread, potatoes from the garden, and hamburgers from the grill. (she offered me ice cream but I had to pass, or would have needed a nap) 😉

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  3. I’m not sure what’s happened, but the images aren’t showing for me, either, and when I right click the images, I get a message saying I’m denied permission to view them. Is it possible that your cut and past from the old post brought along the restrictions you had on the blog at one point?

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