Another Kathy Story…


Kathy was going through the checkout line  at the local grocery store last week.  Jerry (a young man with downs syndrome) works there part-part time, and  helped her with her groceries.  Kathy slipped him a couple of dollars for a tip and told him to keep it quiet.  😉 He kissed her hand, winked and said “Thank you mam!”

The next part of this story involves their local fire department.

Kathy’s husband, and father in law are both on their local volunteer fire department. After Kasen was born with downs syndrome, the guys from the department took a special liking in him.

I guess a few months ago, one of the fireman had stopped by the grocery store.  Jerry spotted his blue fireman’s t-shirt and  wished  out loud he had one.

Well, yesterday was the big day…  both Kasen and Jerry were  presented with their very own dark blue fireman’s t-shirts.

Jerry  even got to suit up.

Here’s a couple of action shots from the day:

kasen and Jerry

Jerry and Kasen

fireman2 - Copy

There is a magical happiness that many of those with downs syndrome seem to possess.  Couldn’t help but think of a movie we watched last year when I heard about Jerry….

Have you seen Where Hope Grows?  It is powerful. DM


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