On The Way Home From Work Tonight…

“Can I tell you about something that happened to Kathy tonight when she was heading home from work?  (My wife said to me a couple of minutes ago.)

(Kathy is our second oldest.)

“Kathy  was following behind a car whose tire started coming apart on her way home from work tonight.  She (Kathy) saw it was a young girl so she  pulled over to see if she could help…It was a college student from South Korea who was heading to Dubuque,  for a music rehearsal.    The student didn’t have any family in the United States, and didn’t know who to call about the car.  Kathy told her she would stay with her, until she got her car back on the road.

Kathy called WYZ towing, talked with Steve, who came right out.  Kathy asked Steve how much it was going to cost because she wanted to pay for it. When Steve heard she was going to pay, he cut the bill in half.  Thirty minutes later, the student was back on the road.  There were  even a few tears shed.  The  student was beside herself, could not understand why this complete stranger wanted to pay for the roadside assistance.”

Now that story just warms my heart tonight!

This is not the first random act of kindness I’ve heard Kathy doing.   She does this sort of thing on a regular basis.

Have you ever been touched with the random kindness of a stranger?  If so, could you tell me about it?


14 thoughts on “On The Way Home From Work Tonight…

  1. I was rear ended a couple of years ago on a Friday night coming home from work. It was a young guy who wasn’t paying a lick of attention. He left as soon as we exchanged information. There wasn’t much visible damage but my stupid car would not start. It was winter, 36 degrees, dark, and raining in a bad part of town. I had not brought a coat because I was not planning on getting rear ended and stranded. Fortunately, my kids were not with me. It wasn’t long before I could not keep my teeth from chattering. A fellow stopped to help and stayed with me, letting me hang out in his heated SUV while I waited the FOUR AND A HALF frickin’ hours for a tow truck to get dispatched by the insurance company. Bless that man. The police would not stay and no one I called could come help.

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  2. I love to hear stories like this! You raised a good one DM!
    My story – it was a dark and stormy night… no, really – it WAS a dark and stormy night and I was heading back from a night in the big city (NYC) having no idea the highway was closed just around the bend due to severe flooding. Suddenly my car just dies. I was only 18 yrs old and hadn’t a clue what to do. While I was sitting there in the pitch black dark on an eerily deserted road trying to figure out what the heck to do, I saw something out of the corner of my eye – it was a very large man running down the hill from a nearby off-ramp towards me. He looked like a member of Hell’s Angels and I was petrified. Remember – it was storming outside and in the middle of the night. Anyhow he comes to my window (which I barely rolled down because I was scared out of my wits) and asks me what’s wrong and then proceeds to try and take a look under the hood – the key won’t turn over and it appears to be an electrical problem. He tells me the Hwy is closed down due to the storm. Then we see another guy running down the hill – he’s a cab driver and is offering to help as well! Since nothing can be done to fix my car, the cab driver says he can drop me at a diner where I can use the phone but he has customers waiting in the cab already.
    Completely unsure what is the right thing to do but really having no choice I thank the first guy and go off with the cab driver. I squeeze into the front seat between the driver and another guy – there are three guys in the backseat already. No one speaks English. I’m grateful and yet so very frightened. They are all talking away and we seem to be driving all over the place in the middle of nowhere and I’m wondering if I have done the right thing – every scary movie I have ever seen is flashing through my mind – then suddenly out of nowhere the all night diner appears. The cabbie lets me out – I only have pocket change on me and no credit card but luckily he expects no payment.
    Quite the nerve-wracking night and yet two perfect strangers go waaaay out of their way to help me. I cannot believe how lucky I was. I think that was also my first (and most impressionable) “don’t judge a book by its cover” life lesson.
    It turns out my car broke down in a pretty scary area – if not for the storm and the roads being closed, I was told my car would have been stripped down overnight.

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    • Sounds like the makings of a Alfred Hitchcock movie. you had to be freaking out of your mind. Makes me feel good to hear you also encountered kindness in the most random place. These are the kind of stories I like to hear too.

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  3. Cool story. All my roadside stories involve long hikes or roadside engineering. Of course, I don’t pay more than $3000 for my cars, so I have quite a few stories. But no real large acts of kindness towards me. I stopped for a girl with a flat and went to change it for her, but the spare was flat. While she was on the phone with her dad, I installed my spare on her car (same bolt pattern) and drove off. I had a few spares for that car, even a spare parts car.


  4. I’m not sure I could list all the random acts, but here are a couple: driving home from a 3rd shift job as a waitress in wintertime rural Ohio, my car swung out of control on an icy patch and skidded off the road and down into a culvert– car ended up a sharp angle down, no way I could get out by either pushing or driving it. Totally stuck. The next guy who passed had a pickup truck and a chain and, in a completely business-like way, hooked me up, pulled me out, made sure I was OK, and let me go on my way. Didn’t have to, but he did :-). Stuck in Wyoming this past summer, broken down car, I was able to get transportation from the motel we stayed in to a nearby campground (nice older lady in a large SUV) with all our bags, our ice chest, and two kids. Then the guys from the local garage picked up my car for free from where it broke down and drove it, chained to the one guy’s pick-up truck, to their shop. The people at the campground went out of their way to get us to our site (in a golf-cart) and even invented a second golf-cart trip when one of my girls didn’t get to ride and the golf-cart driver could tell she was feeling left out. I got chauffeured multiple times to the repair shop and around town by both of the owners as we waited days for parts to arrive, including another “stuff” run where they drove all of our camping stuff from our car (at their shop) to the campground for us, just because. They were tough and they drove Harleys but they made us feel like we had guardian angels while we were there. I think of the nurse after my first daughter was born who found me, in the middle of the night, in my hospital bed, in horrible spasming back pain, while attempting to breast-feed–who showed up and not only got my daughter taken care of, but who stopped and took so much time!!– started massaging my back, at great length, who took note of my tears and total exhaustion and gave me my very first mother-to-mother talk about being kind to ourselves and sometimes just needing someone to take care of us and look out for us– and she was clearly offering herself up to do that, way above and beyond her usual job as a nurse. She spoke so softly and so sweetly and with such love!! I think about the time my father hurt himself terribly in the bathroom and cut himself and blood went all over the bathroom—on all the towels and my mother’s fluffy white bathroom rugs– and ended up in 3+ hours of surgery, almost dying, late into the night. The neighbors heard about it and snuck into the house and cleaned every bit of mess, took home all of the towels and carpets, washed and dried everything all in the middle of the night and returned it–before my mother could get home to find the mess. That mess was all I was thinking of, still stuck in NY and not able to get there for another 8 or so hours…what it would do to my mom to have to deal with it, alone in the house…and the lack of mess, and what a blessing those neighbors were– was all I could think of afterwards. I think I could think of a few more if I tried! I feel like I’ve been very, very lucky.

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