Surprised By An MRI

“Just so you know, you’re going to be in there for a while….”  said Jami the nurse, just as I was about to enter the MRI machine this past Thursday..”and in case you need something, just  push this button.”

This was the first time I’d had an MRI, and a little part of me was looking forward to it, just for the experience.

On the little questionnaire, before the procedure, they ask if you’re claustrophobic. I checked “no”, because as far as I knew, I wasn’t…..

About two minutes in, my mind started racing.   I seriously thought about pushing the button.

Took me totally by surprise.  

In the end, I was able to sit still for the entire time (30 minutes) but it took me most of the day to shake it off.

After the procedure,  Jami the nurse escorted me back to the lobby.  She seemed much more subdued than when she took me back initially.  I knew she would not be able to give me the results herself, but I wondered  if she had seen something?  I would have to wait until my Doctor’s office called….

I talked with  a co-worker of mine later on Thursday, who said he’d had an MRI. His lasted an hour. (I can’t imagine)   He laughed when I told him I was seriously thinking about pushing the “help” button-  he said he did have to push it.  They had to stop the procedure, let him get out for a few minutes, and regroup mentally.

Daughter number 3 works  in a pharmacy.  I was telling her about my experience…being surprised by my reaction.  She too has had an MRI, and told me, 90% of the people she knows who have one, take something to relax before going in.

Next time, I am asking for the highest dosage of Valium  they will give me. 🙂

Got a phone call from  my urologist’s office  later in the day with the test results.

“Everything looks fine!”


On a completely unrelated note,  I submitted the final  edit for my new book Thursday night.   The file is uploaded, and a proof copy has been ordered.  Should have it sometime next week and be in the distribution channels shortly thereafter. (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.)

The graphic designer who helped me create the cover of the book,  also helped me with the interior layout.  He didn’t want to commit to that initially, because it had been a while since using that software.   I am so excited he had a change of heart.

I would have been OK with my initial version of the book, but with his help, the end product is 1000% better.


I have a lot to be thankful for this week.  DM



21 thoughts on “Surprised By An MRI

    • I try not to think about it (what if’s medically), but as I was telling someone the other day, I have been in limbo, waiting for two completely different sets of tests results since the first of the year…(cancer in two different areas of my body). I do feel relieved 🙂


    • Yea, that was my attempt at a “hook” 🙂 I will let you know when it’s ready..there may still be a few little editing “gremlins” in the manuscript somewhere, but it has been gone through now , so many times, I don’t thing there is anything too glaring.


  1. Relieved for you on both counts. Brave soul for submitting to an me I. I’ve done two…once on my feet and once on my head. The one on the head was in a newer open concept machine that I had to check out before I ever went for the mri. I didn’t have to stop in the middle. And why the heck do they need to be so noisy in this age of technological innovation.

    It may be my turn in the not too distant future (I hope) that I’ll need advice on how to get published like you did. Glad you used the graphic designer for layout–well, glad they were willing.


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    • Ignorance in my case was bliss 🙂 (what to expect w/ the MRI) I LOVE, love, love, the publisher I am working with their prices were 1/3 of the other print on demand companies I priced, (I was wanting a hardcover/ that would do pictures..they offer lots of options and have a great support once you get started. Any only an initial $50 set up fee (plus a little more if you need one of this isbn numbers)


  2. Man, what I missed while busy away from WordPress. Glad you’re OK and survived the MRI ordeal. Actually, I don’t mind them. Ive had two or three I think, and I don’t mind the small space or the noise. The last one I had though, I was a little uncomfortable starting off, which, with time grew to extreme pain holding my arm a certain way. I’ve never had a help button, and I’m pretty sure that the last time they had the microphone off. I was the last one of the day though.

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  3. Well, some time later and I HAVE that book.. It’s amazing! And I don’t know what it looked like before the graphic designer helped out, but it’s a beautifully designed and put-together book. I am really, really impressed at the entire creation!

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