Good Medicine

We get together with a few other people once a  week for coffee, conversation and laughter.  We’ve been doing this  for going on 16 years. This group, has helped me stay sane through thick and thin… I’ve wanted to write about it occasionally, just because it has been and is such a source of encouragement but never quite knew how.

Some of you may be familiar with Joey and Rory Feek.  Wife has been following their story via Rory’s blog.  Joey recently passed away after a couple of year battle with cancer.  Anyway, when I got onto the computer this morning, I noticed a link to Rory’s most recent blog post.  After I read it, I thought to myself...he just described our little get-together to T…  Maybe this would be a way to describe it. What I experience isn’t unique, although it is kind of rare, and definitely precious.  😉

His blog post starts out with this:

“One morning a week I meet a few of my buddies on our neighbor Gabe’s porch for coffee….While his wife and babies sleep inside, a bunch of us guys take over the porch of their little farmhouse and drink coffee and do man stuff – whatever that is.  Mostly talk and share stories and laugh.  

There’s no agenda.  No plan to get to the bottom of anything… except our coffee cups.

Some are doctors and some are musicians that travel the world and perform.  Two of the guys, Chris and Matt, own a little coffee shop nearby in Columbia called Muletown Coffee and they supply the inspiration.  Both of them have little ones like I do and their wives used midwives when they had their babies, so we have a lot in common….

It might be something heavy and profound – like what Joey and I’ve been through the last year or two – where you feel His presence and you know you can not get through a single day without Him.  Or it might be something much smaller.  A moment that seems insignificant, but most-likely it’s not.

Like having coffee with friends.  This is where lives change.  Where something is said and a path changes.  In my life, it’s never been the big events that change everything… it’s always been the small ones.  The ones that you don’t think matter.  But they do.

And so I will celebrate and capture the big stories and the small ones in my life.  Because they are all part of a much larger story that someone else is telling.  A story about healing a heart that is broken.  Too broken to talk about, so we don’t.   We just drink coffee.  And we laugh.

And maybe that really is after all…

The best medicine….”

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2 thoughts on “Good Medicine

  1. Enjoyed hearing about your get-together. I really enjoy those informal friendly gatherings.
    When we were looking at land to buy last year, we were trying to choose between 28 acres next door and 57 acres 10 miles away. We sat outside going over the same old pros and cons, just banging our heads against the wall with the difficulty of the decision. Then our neighbor rolled up on his ATV just to say hi and see what’s up. When he left, we knew our answer.

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