Stories Of Hamlet Folk and Such

“I like the story line and the characters. There is mystery, romance and drama. It feels like I am sitting down to visit and catch up with people I know…. My husband who doesn’t usually like this type of program stops to watch it.”

Review on Amazon


BBC meets Little House On The Prairie = Larkrise To Candleford.

Set in 1840 northern England.   Wife and I stumbled across the series a couple of weeks ago.   The review that clinched it for me, was someone saying “Best thing they’d ever seen on TV, in their entire life….and I (DM) would tend to agree. 🙂

Here’s a link to the first episode:

The website ( has all 38 episodes on it, and they are free.

Too good to keep to myself.

You are welcome. 😉


Are you familiar with the series?  What did you think?

Well, time to call it a day.  We’ve had lots of wind here the past couple of days.  Got an e-mail yesterday regarding a roof I shingled last Fall. Seems some of the shingles blew off, so that’s where I am headed first thing in the morning.  Couldn’t have happened to a better roof (not.)  2 story/ 9 on 12 pitch/ about the middle of the roof…the toe holds are no longer there so I have to figure out a creative way to reach the area.  It is a good thing I love my job.






6 thoughts on “Stories Of Hamlet Folk and Such

  1. Loved this series! I watched it quite a few years ago and was sorry to see it end. I’m pretty partial to those types of series anyway…glad you and the wife are enjoying it 🙂 Stay safe on the roof…

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    • We’re also hooked on that type of show. Haven’t watched much TV since the mid 1980’s when our’s took a dump. I do watch things on Amazon prime, youtube and now Netflix once in a while, but there are decades worth of decent viewing that is all new to me. We just finished watching most of the Jane Austin stuff that is available on line (free) and this series was just what the Dr ordered for what to watch next 🙂 DM

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  2. We gave up TV entirely quite a few years ago. Recently I heard someone say on a podcast that this is a new golden era of television; that never before had there been so many high quality shows on a one time. I thought to myself, well that figures. It’s like when I finally gave up on my favorite baseball team and quit following the sport. The next year they went to the World Series.

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