Like A Goldfish

I just shut down the chat dialog box with customer support at the print on demand publishing company I am working with.

My brain is still smok’n.

I am on the home stretch with publishing a book.

I am still in the game but  feel  like a little  goldfish trying to keep up with a school of tuna….

I am so completely out of my element it isn’t even funny.

Publishing has its own vocabulary  and specs,  95% of which is new to me.

Here are a few of the recent things I have learned how to do:

How to purchase an ISBN number for a new book.

How to work with a book cover template generator.

Trying to open the said template after I get it, only to find out, I don’t have the software on our computer.  It  is a version of Adobe that Newspapers and others in the printing and design business use..surprise surprise. I can lease something for $40 a month….or hire it done. I opted for plan B.

I am learning how to change the margins and manuscript size on a word document..then trying to convert it to a PDF file.

Finding and working with a Graphic Designer.

Last weekend I received two mind-boggling donations on the Kickstarter fundraiser we set up. I am within $50 of meeting the $1850 goal.  One of the gifts that came in, was a $1000 anonymous donation, and a second was a $500 gift from someone I’d worked for in the past. (Plus several $25, $30, and a couple of $50 gifts.)

Writing and then publishing a book, going from raw idea to finished product, when every step of the way is uncharted waters has been a lesson in perseverance.  The biggest obstacle for me was a three years writers block.

I made the mistake of showing a portion of my rough draft to someone who was not a nice person.

Lesson learned.

It is possible to give input without killing the spirit.  I do it all the time in construction when I’m mentoring someone.

Well, time to call it a wrap.

One last unrelated question, that I would really love your feedback on…and this is only for those of you that are regular readers.

Why do you read this blog?  I have been second guessing myself again lately in terms of what and why I write.  There are so many bloggers and so much information each of us are bombarded with daily.  I have gradually moved away from writing about our little acreage in the country and more about the stuff that goes on in my head.

Any thoughts you have would be most appreciated.   Danka.  DM



23 thoughts on “Like A Goldfish

  1. I read your blog because you have interesting stories about life, things you’ve learned. You write about you and I find this type of writing to be the best. I’ve gotten to know you as a person because you share your life. You know how to spin a tale that makes me say yes and laugh or think. You are interesting and real. Don’t listen to the voice that says you have nothing to say. Keep persevering. 🙂

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  2. Wow, I never had any clue that publishing a book was so involved, but I am so glad for you that you are almost there DM, and ready to read the book when it’s released.
    As to reading the blog…above all you are genuine and honest and I appreciate that, both in your writing and commenting. I like your stories, rather they be daily life, impressions of the world, or thoughts and memories. I read blogs to learn more about the authors and where they come from, plus try to figure out who they are. I guess it’s sort of a game because I don’t imagine that I’ll ever meet any of the authors in person. I’ve learned a lot about you in the short time that I’ve been following your blog and that is a credit to your writing about your life and feelings – past, present and future.

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    • You never know about meeting someone..the ball really is in each of our courts. I have had the awesome privilege of meeting several of you, some multiple times. Thanks for your feedback Deb!


  3. Smok’n!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congrats. And even if much work, it is much accomplishment.
    Years years back I helped my husband publish his books, before there was even print on demand. Oh, I feel your pain, all the stuff with ISBN, cataloging, finding a printer, getting into distribution warehouses, getting into review journals, getting into libraries… etc etc. I believe process is a bit simpler these days. And it is always fun when you do it for fun. 🙂
    I read this blog because I just never know what I will find, from book publishing, to history, to apple polishing machines, to interesting quotes. Lots of genuine stuff. Thank you!

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    • Smok’n…don’t you just love that word 🙂 You are correct, things have gotten much easier in terms of book publication, but a person needs to have a basic working knowledge of computers or know someone who does. I who still refuses to get a smart phone, am definitely out of my comfort zone. Thanks for your feedback on what I write about! It is helpful. DM

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  4. DM, I read your blog (even when I stopped getting every other blog) because everything you write is open, honest, authentic, and personally accessible. You write as someone I can relate to, regardless of whether we lead the same kind of life or not. I love how you question yourself, as well as other people, and write about it. If you don’t mind me saying so – as a wife and mother of two practically perfect grown sons – that is a very rare quality in a man, to actually say those kinds of thoughts out loud! Keep it coming.

    A blog that has lots of good advice about self-publishing is You can probably just google Disappearing in Plain Sight blog.

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  5. Who knew? not me! But thank you for enlightening us 🙂 I read for the same reason as Jane stated: Authenticity. And you write about many thoughts and ponderings that I can 1) either relate to or 2) hadn’t thought about. All good, DM! MJ

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  6. First, I follow your blog because you seem to be down to earth. Second, your writings involved everyday matters of life. Thirdly, you’re not constantly trying to sell me something.
    Keep it up.


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    • Thank you for the feedback. I know blogging can be a source of income, but it is not for me. I probably need to write about it again, but years ago, I had 3 different people come into my life, ostensibly, because they just wanted to be my friend, but in realty they were trying to suck up to me/ butter me up to sell me something. Left a bad, bad taste in my mouth. . Also had a run in with the most charming smoothed tongue, flattering person I had ever met in my life a few years ago….took a while but finally saw through the deception…They were nothing more than a self deceived master manipulator..I want to stay as far, far away from that sort of behavior as I possibly can. Hence I have nothing for sale, I am not for sale, and write simply because I enjoy it. The end. 🙂 DM


  7. Hey DM – so glad to hear your book is moving forward. I searched and searched Kickstarter for your campaign but to no avail… That’s pretty cool that you received such a large donation from an anonymous donor – it would drive me crazy to not know who it is, but I guess I could live with the mystery ; D

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  8. Well, where to begin?! First let me say that your blog is one of a very few that I read on a regular basis and genuinely look forward to. I think I’ve told you before I have your posts subscribed to come to my inbox every Monday. What I like about it is that you do speak some of your farm life, you mix in bits and pieces of your everyday life and somehow relate it nicely to spirituality/life meaning/deeper thought…. almost like a Quaker tale. I’m having a hard time describing it but I guess it’s how look deeper into everyday life and your writing helps me to see a bit deeper into my own everyday life. Now I have recently read your two books and, while I enjoyed them, I definitely find your current writing on your blog a lot more enjoyable personally. Your books definitely had more of a Christian bent and I find your blog more spiritually open… if that makes sense.

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    • I love your feed back on the books and yes my writing style has mellowed considerably since writing them. “Dogmatic” would probably be the way I would describe that earlier style of writing.. Raising 4 kids through the teen years, into adulthood has a way causing you to either mellow out (or break) I am a whole lot less dogmatic, still know what I believe but approach conversations in a different way. Thanks for stopping by! DM

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