“Your biopsy results are back.  Could you please call our office and ask for Lynn.”

By the time I got the message, my Gastroenterologist’s office was closed for the day.

It had already been over two months since I started having hoarseness of voice and a swallowing episode , so what was another 24 hours, I thought to myself.

That was a week ago Wednesday.

Everything came back fine.

I did question the test results when nurse Lynn told me the doctor  found one nodule in the small intestine which he removed.


I said to Lynn..wait a minute..I only had the scope inserted down my throat. Are you sure you have the correct results?  I repeated myself three times.  Apparently the  doctor inserted his scope all the way through my stomach and beyond.

Who’d a thunk?

While I never got to a state of panic the past two months, I did have a low-grade concern that my love of strong coffee had finally caught up with me, and the acid re-flux had morphed into the beginning stages of the C word.



Week ago Tuesday our two-year old grandson with downs syndrome was checked into the local hospital, then transferred to the University hospital with pneumonia and the dreaded RSV virus.

Those first 48 hours were scary.

He is home now and according to his mom (my daughter) 95% better.


Friend and fellow blogger Kristina will be with us, two more days, then heads back home on Saturday. While she has been here, we celebrated her birthday with her.   I think this may be her 5th trip to Iowa since she first coming in 2008 with her son. Her second trip , she brought hubby.  The last several she’s come alone, once she verified we were not ax murders.


Tuesday night, we invited Chris and Lindsay over to celebrate Kristina’s birthday with us. Chris used to work with me.    Wife told the  story about  a stray dog that showed up on our property several years ago.

It was the oddest looking dog either one of us had ever seen.  We already had Oscar the beagle so the stray could not stay. Short stumpy legs,  and sad looking eyes. I know it was some kind of  basset hound mix.   Wife mentioned I’d put an ad in the local paper which basically said, if no one stepped forward,  the dog was going to the vet and  put down. (In reality I would not have done it, but drastic situations call for drastic measures.)

The bottle of home made wine may have been kicking in by this point. (The five of us shared a  bottle.)  Anyway, I got to laughing so hard, I could not breathe.

Kristina has done pet sitting the past several years, so you know she loves animals. The look on her face when she heard about my dastardly behavior…well, if looks could kill.

And finally…

The three of us have been doing major decluttering the past two days with Kristina’s help. To set the tone, and keep us motivated,  we watched another episode of hoarders last night.

Since we don’t watch much TV, I’d only seen snippets of the show.

What is it about the human heart and our love for stuff?

I have much to be thankful for….much.



Are you a saver?  Have you ever had a scope down your throat? When’s the last time you really had a good laugh?  If you’re a blogger, have you ever met any of your readers, and if so, tell me details! DM



18 thoughts on “Much

  1. I’m a saver of money whenever possible, not possessions now due to severe space limitation as you know from our blogs. This is not a bad thing, and we still have the ‘important stuff’.
    Never had a scope down the throat, but had a gizmo up my nose due to a nosebleed we couldn’t stop. Never knew so much could come out of so small a space. Good quality stuff too, lovely colour!
    Last good laugh was with my Mum on Monday (blog posted about that), and no, as yet I haven’t met any of my readers other than existing friends. Most of my readers seem to be abroad anyway.

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    • Yea, I had the gizmo up (then down) my nose as well. Wife spotted it sitting on the tray when we first walked into the room..was wondering if I would see it before the procedure started. I saw it, and opted to close my eyes once the Dr went to work.

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  2. Glad the health issues are behind you and your grandson DM 🙂 As to meeting blog readers…no, although there are quite a few I would like to meet. I admit to having mental images and opinions about folks from their writing so it almost seems like it might be tempting fate to meet them and risk finding they are completely different from what I imagine. I suppose that would only be a concern if they turned out to be nasty or rude, but I doubt I would be drawn to their blogs in the first place if I sensed any of those traits 😉

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    • Thank you Deb. I am also continuing breath a sigh of relief. I would think if you are probably right…if you’ve been reading someone’s uncensored blog, then meeting them in person, would probably not be to much of a shock.Each time I’ve done so, it has felt like I’ve met a long lost friend..someone who’s heart I have gotten to know because in all cases, they have been so transparent.

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  3. Yes, much to be thankful for. I too have plenty PLENTY! to be thankful for.
    I also suffer from a love of good strong coffee and from acid reflux. Not a good combo. I’m not thirty yet but have had an upper GI twice. (nothing abnormal…) The heartburn is so bad sometimes that even water with as much baking soda as the water will take doesn’t quell it. So I’ve quit coffee, spicy food, fast food, excess sugar (well, trying), hard liquor (just thinking about bourbon gives me heartburn), and I rarely drink beer, but if I do, just one beer a day. I’m well aware of the cancer risk of so much heartburn, and the survivability stats of esophageal cancer. I probably need meds for it instead of eating 6-plus tums a day but I avoid medicines if I can.
    (this isn’t meant to be “what should I do”, but rather just my story)
    Anyway. On your other topic, the hoarding… I hardly consider us hoarders, but we have quite a few tubs of junk in the barn. Worthless piddly junk, but when we go through it, it never seems quite so worthless to throw it out. But I know in my head that I would really be happier without it. I DON’T WANT IT, but in that moment of dumpster vs keep, keep wins more than I care to admit. (why is that?) I oughta just make a rule, keep only two items per box, and stick to it. I need an officiant at spring cleaning haha.

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    • Start watching more episodes of Hoarders..and maybe you’ll get motivated like we are 🙂 Never, ever thought of myself as a hoarder (and still don’t) BUT there are definitely similar thinking patterns in play.

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      • I’ve seen a couple episodes. I suppose I do exhibit some of the same thoughts as well. But things like tools, bolt bins, wood and metal scraps (of a certain size), car and house parts… Things I can use to fix things around here, no, I’m not getting rid of them. Of course, I still basically know what I have and where to find it, so I’m ok. 😉

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  4. I think I need to schedule a visit to the farm. I’m the opposite of a hoarder. I throw everything away. To my own detriment sometimes. I usually say, why did I get rid of that, at least once a year.

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    • If you are going to err/ I think I would rather be like you…it’s less stressful to have to get something a 2nd time once in a while, than to have too much, then can’t find it when you want it. If you are serious about a visit to the farm, next Winter would be best. My work schedule typically slows down and we can be available to show you around a little more. ( quiet it is around here 😉

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