I stumbled upon a rare book  last  week.

Wife  loves to look for bargains at our local thrift store and last week she bought a whole box of books for one dollar.

One dollar!~

One of the books in the box was called  Dale Carnegie’s Scrapbook: A Treasury Of The Wisdom Of The Ages.

(Click that link and it will take you to Amazon books where you can pick yourself up a used hardcover copy for one penny plus shipping.) 😉

As long as I can remember I have had an appetite for practical wisdom, the turn of a phrase, a  pithy saying, old school wisdom, etc.  I have a low threshold for abstract theory, but give me truth forged on the anvil of life and I’m all over it. 😉

Well, this book is part of  a collection of quotes  Dale Carnegie himself collected over the years as he matured, combined with some of his original thought.

I posted the following from the book on Facebook earlier last week:

      “Do not keep the alabaster boxes of your love and tenderness sealed up until your friends are dead. Fill their lives with sweetness. Speak approving, cheering words while their ears can hear them and while their hearts can be thrilled by them.”

Henry Ward Beecher


Another one I keep coming back to and chewing on this week is:

      “It Is The Great North Wind That Made The Vikings…”
                                                                     An old Scandinavian Proverb
None of us left to our druthers would probably choose hard, harsh, (dare I say even abusive?) settings to grow up in..nada/ no way….(unless your sick),  and I am in no way minimizing or trivializing that  if you are someone who has had to endure anything even remotely nasty.
I know better.
 I know two people who have grown up in abusive settings, and that can leave scars on your soul that can last a life time….BUT…
At the same time…..There is no denying there are qualities in their lives that would probably not be there if it were not for the hard times…things like a sensitivity to others coming out of similar settings, a will of steel. etc.
One of our grandsons was born with multiple birth defects.  I’ve mentioned him before… He was born with Angelman’s syndrome  and Klinefelter’s to mention two.  I will never forget going to a fundraiser for Angelman’s syndrome listening to that Kelly Clarkson song playing over the PA system.  We were surrounded by  hundreds of families directly impacted by Angleman’s syndrome as we walked  together.

I want to leave you with that Viking proverb.

Rather than me unpacking it for you,  does it stir anything in you?

Can you point to any “north wind”  experiences that have shaped you into the person you are today?

viking woman






3 thoughts on “Adversity

  1. I have read Carnegie’s books but had not seen this one. Vikings… mostly romanticized. My father-in-law was a Norwegian, a Viking. He used to joke: Vikings just left Norway because they could not put up with their women. 🙂
    But yes, all in universe has its place, and works out beautifully, since the wind is always right.

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  2. My Grandfather, Ausser, was a big strapping Swede. Gentlest man I’ve ever known 🙂 Same with his brother, Soren. But going to your questions, like the wind, tough experiences carve something into us – they leave their mark and we either adjust and grow or we topple. I’ve had many such experiences and when you’re facing that hard biting wind it’s easy to wish it away. But like Shoreacres said, without a strong northern wind where’d we be? Adrift….

    Fun post, DM

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