A Visit From A Pen pal

It was  about time for Craig and his family to hit the road.   They were stateside on furlough after living several years  in Thailand.  Craig and I had corresponded via snail mail for  years,  and yet this was the first time I’d ever met him in person.

Craig and his wife had two kids, a five year old boy and a four year old daughter.   I asked Craig if he and the kids were interested in looking at our two sheep, Mary and Bo-Peep, before they hit the road.  (Back of my mind, I was thinking, that would be a great way to cap off their visit to our farm.

Everybody loves a petting zoo right? 🙂

So, Craig and I and the  kids walked over to the fenced in area where Mary and Bo-Peep were penned.

I need to back up.

I was telling  Bee Happy yesterday we’d gotten the two sheep as orphaned lambs.  Our daughter Rebekah had  raised them  since birth.  They had become  part of our family….   although, Bo-Peep,  had started getting an attitude the previous week.

I thought it was kind of cute.  (His attitude.)  Bo Peep  would bump me against my leg like he wanted to fight.  It didn’t really hurt, more of a novelty than anything.

We went into their pen, so the kids could get a closer look.  There’s something very earthy about being able to run your fingers through a sheeps’ wool, and scratch behind their ears.

As Craig and I were saying our  good byes, watching his daughter pet Mary the little lamb, Bo Peep decides to head butt the son in the nose.

And if that wasn’t  bad enough, he’d shoved him into the electric fence wire (which was on)  and which happened to be a single strand of  barbed wire. So not only did he have a bloody nose, his back got scratched and he’d been zapped by  6000 volts of electricity.

Craig and I sheepishly came back to the house, Craig carrying the crying child, me wanting to disappear.   When the mom  saw the bloody nose and crying child she says, “What in the heck was going on over there???”

That was the last time their family ever stopped.

rebekah's sheep

Bo Peep waiting for company.


12 thoughts on “A Visit From A Pen pal

  1. Farms are dangerous places. I want visitors but will likely have them sign a waver. I know a pig farmer who even has folks dip boots in a bio cleaning bucket before coming in. That little boy will tell the story to his kids I’ll bet. Sheep. Mean, strong, protective critters in his mind from now on! 😄

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  2. What a crazy, wild tale. Of course, the whole point of an accident or a mishap like this is that it can’t be foreseen. Sometimes, things just happen. The good news is there wasn’t any permanent damage. Well, except that the family never stopped by again. Maybe there should have been a name change: from Bo-Peep to Yo! Peep!

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