Anecdotal Observations From Caucus Night

Attended my first political caucus Monday night.

I asked the lady behind us how the turnout compared to previous years.

“The biggest turnout I can remember, she said, …was two hundred people .”

( We found out later in the evening, there were close to three hundred that night.)

Three weeks ago, I went to hear a presidential candidate.  Same thing. This was a first time for me.  Went as much for the experience, as to hear them talk.  Had to go through two layers of security, then get  reprimanded by secret service afterwards for having my left hand in my pocket.  Came home with one of those political signs you can put in your yard.

I’ve always had mixed feelings when it comes to politics.

I definitely have my personal opinions (on some of the issues, and some of the candidates), but unless I’m asked directly by someone who genuinely wants to know my thoughts, I keep them to myself.

I have good friends, (and close family) on the opposite sides of many of the pressing issues of the day.

In our marriage, when we have a conflict over a hot button topic, it has taken years to learn how to work through certain issues,  and I’ll be darned if I will get sucked into a no win conflict with someone on the opposite side of something who may or may not abide by the rules of civil discourse.

Not going to happen.

Back to the political sign.

One of my neighbors spotted the sign this week.  Right away she started saying things that were not kind, nor accurate.  Wife (who has more patience in these things than I) began asking her a few general questions, to get her to be more specific.

Couldn’t do it.

She just knew so and so was bad, and her candidate was good.

I am not a political junkie.

I don’t listen to the talking heads on a regular basis.

I am a reader.

I love history.

We are on the fast track to repeat it on multiple fronts.

These are exciting time to be alive.

6 thoughts on “Anecdotal Observations From Caucus Night

  1. History always repeats, rather we want it to or not. What did you think in general of the caucus process? Here in Washington we have this odd primary and caucus system which I don’t understand and have never actually taken part in both. I just cast my primary vote and move on. After watching how Iowa handles this caucus business I’m pretty sure that I’m even more confused 😉

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