Silence In The Presence Of The Opposite Sex

pride and prejudice

Last night, wife and I finished watching Pride and Prejudice  by Jane Austen  (again.)

Even though we’ve seen the series before, enough time has passed that I forgot most of it. 🙂

There was so much about Darcey I could relate to, especially his silence in the presence of Lizzy.

He would become tongue tied around her.

Early on, some of it may have been due to his pride, but at the same time, you find out later, his brain would freeze and nothing came out.

That is a struggle I am all to familiar with.


Crippling Shyness.

Rather than rewrite that whole chapter of my life again, here’ s a link to my story that I wrote a few years ago, for a blog called The Shyness Project.


Well, time to get to work.   I’m burning daylight. DM





3 thoughts on “Silence In The Presence Of The Opposite Sex

    • Good morning Jane! Yes, that is a topic reserved for the kitchen table. (We were just talking about it 5 minutes before I logged onto the blog) Always good to hear from you too. DM

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