On Self Control and My Health

Ran to  the  Urgent Care  New Years morning.  I have been sounding like a frog for 5 weeks. Figured it was probably viral and was willing to let it run it’s course.  This weekend, however, it felt like the crud was starting to  migrate into my lungs (before it was all in my head- literally), and I didn’t want it to morph into walking pneumonia.

My baby sister is an RN, so I called her the night before just to bounce my concerns off her…

Just to be clear-  I don’t abuse my relationship with her…I pay her lavishly for her medical advice with apples.  Last fall, she was the first person I let into the orchard to pick  the Honey-crisp when they were ready. Baby sister thought 5 weeks was long enough and concurred with me.

Had a very delightful conversation with the nurse that took my story and my vitals when I got to the urgent care.  Blood pressure was off the chart- in spite of the fact I had only had 1 small cup of my Starbucks french roast (freshly ground) brew.

Rechecked the blood pressure 3 minutes later – it had dropped 20 points but was still not good.  I contended that I was still under the effects of the “White coat” syndrome.

When the nurse checked my weight, it too was off the chart 😦

Granted I still had my hooded sweat shirt on, shoes, etc. so I expected to be a few pounds over my normal .  Wrong.   Seems this holiday pause has agreed with me quite well, I am packing an additional 5 pounds just within the past 2 weeks.

Came home with 3 specific health related targets…

Get back to a weight I feel healthy at (the weight the chart says is my ideal weight is totally nonsensical.)    It says I should be 170 to 185.

I have no desire to be a stick.  Last time I got below 190, the cheeks in my rear hurt from the lack of padding when I sat down.

190 is as low as I will go. Thank you very much. I don’t care if I don’t qualify for a discount on my health coverage because I’m consider slightly overweight.

Second thing I did was order a blood pressure testing machine so I can check myself @ home, before I’m all jazzed on coffee etc.

I want to have a handle on my real blood pressure from here on out.

Not currently on any meds for anything, (except Starbucks french roast (beans freshly ground) and want to keep it that way.

Third thing I did was grab my wife’s little cloth measuring tape and measured my true waist size-  not my pants waist number.  Got a third wake up call 🙂

That baby has got to come back down a few notches…for sure for sure.

Diabetes also runs in my genetic pool..and I do have a sweet tooth. Been known to inhale a bar of Marzipan  in one setting and not think twice.


The common denominator for several of my life  health issues is (and has been)  gulp, a lack of self control.    I am so thankful I am not controlled by  alcohol, smut or anger… but put a bag of salty chips, some french onion dip in front of me when I’m hungry and  it’s not pretty..

So currently trying to reprogram my brain with this little Jewish proverb…it stirs something good in me:

“A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls.”

I am not on a diet.  I am on a lifestyle reboot.




17 thoughts on “On Self Control and My Health

  1. Hear hear! You and us both. We’ve gained almost a stone between us (me most) and that sweet tooth has gone into overdrive. Hopefully back on the boat things will settle down and we can get to grips with our food intake modification. Here’s to losing those unwanted pounds!

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    • They say sugar is a drug. I believe it…every bit as addicting as some of the hard stuff…and long term, large quantities of it is not good for a person. hasn’t stopped me from indulging my sweet tooth..but the specter of a self inflicted diabetes does get my attention.


        • My dad’s diabetes is also kept in check as long as he keeps on top of is sweet tooth. His mom had it too. and with my infatuation with peanut M and M’s, marzipan, and all things sweet, I am playing with a loaded gun by not being more moderate.


          • For me, it’s not as bad as it sounds, and I still have bad stuff, though try to moderate it. I’ve cut out salt in my cooking, and haven’t bought sugar since we got the boat, relying on those little sachets from cafes etc. We don’t take sugar in tea or coffee, but if I make my microwave stodge, I only use two of those in the mix, so another way of keeping things in check!

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  2. Isn’t it great fun when you go into the doctor for one thing and come away finding out that all the things that seemed right are wrong? I like the attitude about finding a weight you feel best at, regardless of what the charts say. Somehow that makes it easier to set goals I think and finding a balance becomes part of the goal, not simply trying to embrace that word diet.

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    • I’ve only tried to address my “ideal weight” one other time about 5 years ago…dropped 30 pounds and once I hit that magic number (190) I did not feel comfortable sitting down on hard surfaces… 🙂


  3. Wow. Glad you’re still here!
    My ideal is between 155 – 180 lbs.
    Only 6 pounds to go (downwards that is).
    Easy you’d think and so it will be after we stop house sitting and get back on the boat.
    Good wholesome food again, comfy bed, basic living, and something called exercise.

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  4. I know the reason I’ve been sick for four days (3 with a fever) is because over the holidays I weakened my immune system with sweets. I’m with you when it comes to awakening self-control! 😀 However, you post left me curious!!! We never heard the results of your doctor visit!!! Diagnosis? Prognosis? Prescription? Hope you’re soon on the feat to full recovery.

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    • she put me on some strong antibiotics and some stuff to dry me up..Said the antibiotics would take care of several of the possible bugs. thanks for asking. Already feeling a slight improvement.


  5. Glad you are OK, at least I assume it wasn’t pneumonia? Still – that’s a scare and you’re wise to pay attention.

    I started a reboot yesterday, can already feel the difference this morning. We know what to do – it’s just to do it – right ?

    PS with the antibiotics you need to push more water — not just coffee — and rest up where possible.
    🙂 MJ

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    • Thanks for checking on me. 🙂 I have been pushing the water and cutting back just a wee on the coffee. The PA did not hear anything in my lungs (although I did feel a heaviness starting to settle in ) There wasn’t any death rattling she could hear…so I’m feeling like I was being responsible by having it checked out, rather than let something fester an additional several weeks. Weird thing is, I don’t mind going to the Dr and I don’t consciously feel nervous. The spike in blood pressure must be subconscious.


  6. Hey, we all have our “demons” and, in my book, you’re a pretty great man so I say…enjoy your marzipan, life is short, what is it Shel Silverstein says?… “we’re all gonna die anyway”. Sorry, bad influence 🙂

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    • You’re not a bad influence. I still enjoy the marzipan w/o guilt. What I’m trying to curb is the bing inhaling of a large piece…(It would be like eating a pound of peanut M and M’s in one setting..)


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