Nine Years Ago Today….


Just got a notice from WordPress that I (DM) have been blogging for nine years as of today.

Nine years!!!

Eight hundred some blog posts later I’m still taking  my mentor’s advice and still plodding along….

“Work with all your intelligence and love.  Work freely and rollickingly as though talking to a friend who loves you…thumb your nose at all the know-it-alls,  jeerers, critics, and doubters…”   Brenda Ueland

16 thoughts on “Nine Years Ago Today….

  1. Wow. Congratulations! I’ve only been reading for just over a year but I’ll tell ya, you’re one of my favorites. I have you set to come in to my email every Monday morning. I love the beauty and simplicity of your stories. They remind me of Quaker stories. Simple tales that hit hard with meaning. Refreshing. Keep blogging! And….consider a book 🙂

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    • thanks for the affirmation! Actually there are two (books) They are a little deeper than what i post here on the blog. Let me know and I would be glad to e-mail you a link to them on Amazon.

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      • Yes please. I can’t believe I didn’t know that!?

        ( You didn’t know it, because I’ve only mentioned it once in a while..I’ve always wrestled with how much to promote myself in that way…there is something about someone tooting their own horn I find a little put-offish, if that’s a word…but since you asked, I would love to send you a link. Absolutely no pressure coming from me to get one..honest. DM

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