Just For The Heck Of It….

I’m going to give you a peek into my head tonight as I wind it down.

The song  Silent Running by Mike and the Mechanics is playing.

Actually, that song is the background music on a powerful 6 minute tribute to Anne Frank (Diary Of Anne Frank)

Mrs DM attended our local  high schools drama department’s performance of A Diary Of Anne Frank Friday night.

Saturday morning on my WordPress feed I read, then watched  Silent Running.

Then this afternoon Mrs DM  went to a short presentation by Kitty Werthmann an 89 year old woman who grew up in Austria and talked about her experience watching Hitler come to power in that country.  I had some errands to do so I didn’t go, but I did agree to watch the 50 minute DVD she brought home.


Combine those two presentations and it puts several current events into  fresh historical perspective.

“When people fear the government, that is called tyranny, but when the government fears the people that is called liberty.”

Kitty  Werthmann


(Normally I don’t have quite this much rolling around in my head as I hit the sack..wanted to share the joy.)  DM

6 thoughts on “Just For The Heck Of It….

  1. Your posts have been interesting and heartfelt. As for current events, there are too many people who do not understand history and the failings of men in power. They are naive and therefore culpable when bad things happen. I pray that begins to change before it’s too late.

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    • thank you Martha! Believe it or not, both you and another former blogger (Jayne from Canada) have come to mind several times the past month…wondering if you were still out in the audience 🙂 So very good to hear from you! DM


  2. There are a couple of things to note. One is that the quotation you mention at the end (“When people fear the government, that is called tyranny, but when the government fears the people that is called liberty”) has been attributed to Thomas Jefferson for years, but there’s no indication that he actually said it. If Werthman quotes it as coming from Jefferson, that’s not right.

    Also, Kitty Werthman has been on the speaking circuit since at least 2009. I’d advise just a little caution. Some of the claims she makes about historic events during her early years have been questioned, contradicted, or proven untrue.

    I’m as concerned about our country as anyone. But it doesn’t serve any purpose to accept at face value claims that simply aren’t so. I’d just suggest you do some more reading if you’re interested in what she has to say.

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      • I don’t think it’s a matter of being duped. There’s just so much “out there” on the great interwebz that may or may not be accurate. Some discussion developed in my current comment section about a couple of quotations that had been changed or misattributed. It happens, often. It’s part of the reason I’m getting better about checking quotations, before I post one with the wrong attribution.

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