Of Grit and Bones… 10/23/2015

Dear Lisa,  Thought I would shoot you another quick update from my week…

A lot of big stuff happened via phone calls this week…

My cell phone rang while I was in the tub Tuesday night.  When I got out, I had a voice mail from the nurse at the Urologist.  She was following up on a PSA blood test and asked me to call her right back.  She’d  tried two times and even though it was only a couple of minutes later, the office was closed by the time I tried.

You’d be proud of me.  I didn’t let the  “not knowing  what the nurse wanted to tell me” rob me of a good nights sleep.  I was pretty sure the numbers were still elevated, but since I had just had a biopsy in April and things came back fine, I hoped it was a routine call.

8:30 the next morning I reached Jen, the nurse.  After she verified who I was, she let me know my numbers while still elevated were stable,and they would see me next Spring for my annual check up.

Ah, the simple joys of life… (reasonably good health.)

Wednesday night we got a phone call from our friend Leslie. She was calling to let us know, our friend Helen had passed away quietly in her sleep the night before.  Helen was a remarkable woman, lived to be 92, and the last several years have been filled with suffering.  She lost her sister, husband and grandson all within a few months span.  Broke her hip (I think) (and maybe one of her arms)..but due to the fragile nature of her bones, her age, and what her body had done the last time she had surgery, they decided the best thing to do was just put her in some kind of brace.

Thursday morning, I was 30 feet in the air, framing a roof.  Phone rang, it was daughter #3.  I answered because she was only a couple of days from her due date.  She was calling from the hospital to let me know, she’d just given birth to a beautiful baby girl….it was her first baby.

That same  morning,  a large formation of wild geese flew over us, headed South.   They were several thousand feet up.

What a breath taking sight.

My whole crew stopped for a minute just to take it in. ( One of the simple perks of working outside.)

Well, need to wrap this up. We have Helen’s funeral in the morning, then we are taking a mini road trip to meet the latest addition to our family. Alcina Kyra  6 pounds 9 oz.  18 inches long.

Stay in touch.DM

Here’s a poem titled Wild Geese by Mary Oliver I wanted to include:

Here are a couple of pictures from the week:

brady addition 2015 (3)

Two story addition I am currently working on. The peak on this side is close to 30 feet up. (and I hate heights) 🙂

large formation of geese

  (I did not have my camera on me, so I found this picture on line that is similar.)


John Muir (Sierra Club) longed to stay in touch with his sister Mary after he moved away from home. At one point he wrote her and said:

” Mary, you should put some grit and bone  in your letters… these small matters which occur in the neighborhood and which you do not think worthy of note are still of interest to us when so far from home”…..Affectionately JOHN

So anyway, this series of  letters  I’ve titled Of Grit and Bone are my baby step attempts to do just that.  DM


11 thoughts on “Of Grit and Bones… 10/23/2015

    • Thanks Deb! Went to the funeral Saturday morning, then took off to meet the grand daughter. It was the most delightful/ meaningful funeral I have ever attended. Two of her children got up and spoke. Laugh..both of them had all of us laughing, (and also freely admitting the huge loss we were feeling) I want my funeral to have that much laughter.. Her son said, there were times his mom drove him absolute bonkers…but at the same time, she was there when he was @ his lowest…so many genuine words..


  1. One goes, another comes, strange how life can be.
    Congratulations on the new addition, and my condolences for your loss.
    Flocks of geese in flight are awesome don’t you think? We had five flocks of 50 plus fly over the marina not so long ago…….. the noise was phenomenal!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Bee! I really want to be more faithful in writing our daughter who is living 285 miles from home with a newborn. (she sent me a letter just a few days before the baby was born so I think it may happen 🙂 (letter writing)


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