Short Clip Of Our Newly Acquired Antique Apple Polishing Machine

Week ago, I made a quick 600 mile trip to Northern Wisconsin to pick up an antique apple polishing machine, that I had found on e-bay.  We fired it up yesterday while some friends were here visiting.  Check out this 40 second clip:

Let me know what you think.  DM


21 thoughts on “Short Clip Of Our Newly Acquired Antique Apple Polishing Machine

    • I acquired it from a man in Turtle Lake Wisconsin..he’d gotten it 7 years before from Michigan. It was made by a manufacturer called “Friends” (or friend) Probably built in the 1920/ 30’s? as part of a larger set up, I also brought home a sorter that was part of that assembly…It needs a little work but both pieces are mostly made out of wood.

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  1. Interesting gadget, and surprising to me that this device would have been created as necessary so early in the last century. I would have assumed that only the modern shopper, skittering through the mega-supermarket, would be clamoring for shiny apples that cover all the little imperfections.

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  3. I love it! It certainly makes me hungry for some decent apples. It reminds me of my trip to the cider mill in Kansas. Remember that wonderful apple-washing setup they had? Of course, those apples were headed for cider, so the rough-and-tumble made no difference, but this looks as though it’s gentle enough to be a real work-reducer.

    I’d rather have a tiny bruise on an apple from your machine that a slick, polished apple that gets its gleam from an industrial wax coating!

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    • We had 4 people visiting…some friends we know who brought along a young newly married couple from China. He is pursuing his phd as an electrical engineer. I could tell the two of them enjoyed their day on the farm. The wife climbed up our 8 ft step ladder and picked some apples @ the top of the tree. She said that was the highlight of her visit. My wife said she saw the young lady skipping and singing as she was walking around outside.

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  4. Cool. If we had one of those Cherie might eat the apples we grow. 🙂 She grew up eating shiny apples and just can’t get used the way they look straight off the tree (which for me is what an apple is supposed to look like).

    Last week a couple of friends came over and we processed 5 roosters. We plucked them by hand. But there is a contraption out now that plucks them automatically in just a few seconds using some kind of rubber nipples. And as with this machine it doesn’t rough up the meat at all.

    I admire the folks who come up with those kind of inventions.

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    • I’ve used 2 versions of that chicken plucker and both of them were slick! is called the “whiz bang” chicken plucker Here’s a link to it: Butchering roosters..yea, I kind of go in cycles…we’ll grow several dozen, get some people together and have a butchering party/ realize how much work it is, and not do it again for a few years…I’m in the middle of that cycle right now. 🙂 (still remembering how much work it was and have no inclination) Good to hear from you Bill! DM


  5. Hi DM: We saw your machine on YouTube. We are a small persimmon farm in California and are looking for a machine like yours to polish our persimmons. We currently polish by hand and it is quite time consuming. Do you know where we can buy one similar or have one built?

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    • Let me do some checking. I know there is a name on the machine (and I think the brushes were replaced before I got it) This machine is quite a marvel, and the fact that there is no water involved amazes me. I’m thinking it was built back in the 1930’s or 40’s..but that is just a guess.


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