Conversation With A Shaman

We were at a “Welcome to the world” party this past Saturday  for a new nephew.  One of the guests was from Ireland, a  woman named Stacy.  I’d met Stacy on a previous visit and had a great conversation about inner peace, life purpose, worry, etc. Stacy is a counselor who specializes in addiction issues.  When I’d noticed she was sitting @ the same table as my wife I plopped across the table from her….

Fifteen minutes later we picked right up where we left off.

This conversation  went rather quickly from counseling addicts, to aura’s, chakras, to crystals to card readings, to the statement she was a practicing Shaman.


Last Summer I lined up an overnight stay for a casual acquaintance with a friend of ours who lives in Ohio.   Somehow during the brief time they were together, the two of them got to talking about spiritual things.  A few weeks later when I asked how the stay went, the casual acquaintance recounted a portion of their conversation and concluded  by saying, my friend was  (quoting now) .. “An absolute loon.”

It is amazing how much we can learn about another person if we just keep our mouth shut and just listen.

As I talked with Stacy the Shaman,  I was genuinely interested in understanding what she believes, (because I really do enjoy talking with her)

We are worlds apart in our understanding of the spirit realm, but we do share a common understanding that there is more to life than the physical here and now.

I had no illusions of changing her worldview in a 15 minute conversation at the party. In fact, I felt no pressure to do so. Heck, I can’t even change my own heart in my own strength, so why in the world would I think it my business to effect change in her???

The  spiritual component of my life did not quicken until my early 20’s.  Before that, spirituality was confusing at best, and not relevant the rest of the time.

And then…. best way I can describe it,  there was a stirring and hunger for absolute truth that awakened within me….I didn’t go looking for it…it just happened.  I went through a couple of year period of sifting that was very scary at the time, but came out the other side  utterly convinced in the reality of the spiritual realm and a very basic, simple working knowledge of it.

Do I have it all figured out? Absolutely not.

If you ever meet someone who tells you they have it all figured out, run…Run in the opposite direction as fast as you can because you really are dealing with a loon.


A Loon

What I find interesting however, is how quickly our generations has abandoned a Christian world view,  and then turn right around and opened the door to  the  dark side not even realizing it.


8 thoughts on “Conversation With A Shaman

  1. I am one who believes in something bigger and stronger beyond our imagination when we exit this world. I can’t explain or describe it, but I’m comfortable with the thought. I light candles for my Dad in church, but I am not a regular church goer. Most of us has Faith, it just comes in many forms. As Dave Allen used to say at the end of his shows ‘May your God be with you’.

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  2. Luther had several insights that seem so right to me, I can’t quite get over them. One is that no one in the world is an atheist. As he puts it in his explication of the first commandment, we all have our god — that which we love, fear, and trust above all else. It might be money, it might be our cultural heritage, it might be a person. It might even be ourselves! But even declared atheists have their god.

    The question, according to Luther, isn’t whether we believe in God, but whether the God in whom we believe is the true God. That kind of opens up the discussion, and moves it into an interesting realm.

    It always reminds me of my professor who asked, when we were reading “The Scarlet Letter,” which letter we would wear if we were Hester Prynne. She got the “A” for adultery. What would we get? Another question that can lead to some interesting discussion!

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    • Now that is a thought provoking question…which letter would I get to wear? ..One of mine for sure is “S” for self centered/ selfish…although I really do try to keep it in check. Thanks for the thoughtful comments Linda! DM


  3. I think you are correct in saying you cannot change another person’s worldview. You can only share your own and let the Holy Spirit change theirs. I also learned something today via the pastor at church. If, as a follower of Christ, I said I was a shaman, you could in a loving way question me about what I truly believe about Jesus.

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